Final Presentation: Schulstudio #10 “Painting”


The 10th Schulstudio took place in conjunction with the exhibition “Painting from Uncertain Places.” This time two advanced art courses, from the Anna Schmidt School and Adolf Reichwein Gymnasium respectively, used the exhibition as a basis for examining the topic of painting based on the exhibition. After undertaking initial experimental studies with paint as a working material, the students became more familiar with the medium by mixing their favorite colors in a full range of tones or by developing their own color palettes to convey specific moods. Over the course of the project concrete visual ideas were developed according to the open-ended theme of “uncertain places.” Finally, the students produced works, which offer a fascinating insight into the processes guiding the individual development of their imagery. All these works have been presented together with the students’ initial color studies on Thursday, November 1, beginning at 7 pm.

basis, Gutleutstr. 8-12, Erdgeschoss