Le musée imaginaire (1)


As part of the exhibition “If you don’t create your own history, someone else will” the artists Doris Lasch and Ursula Ponn presented a maxisingle with the works “Loop” by Christine Lemke (Berlin) and “Gutemorgen Schazzilein” by Willem Oorebeek (Brussels). The cover shows a photograph by Lasch/Ponn.

Christine Lemke and Willem Oorebeek have been invited for “Le musée imaginaire” to create a soundtrack that completes the visual level of the album cover. Two mediums are crossed. The confrontation between these two mediums results in a space that stretches or concentrates on another time.

“Le musée imaginaire (1)” is the first part of an exhibition series by Doris Lasch and Ursula Ponn whose location, time and circumstances have to be re-invented over and over again. Every museum is a fiction.

Later in the evening DJ Anna (aka Ran Huber) from Berlin has played records.

Christine Lemke lives and works as an artist and author in Berlin. Her performative writings create long passages suggestive words, which absorb the listener into various descriptions and stories.

Willem Oorebeek is an artist and lives in Brussels. His works are marked by investigation of material processes of printing and by a critical approach to the utilization and meanings of reproduced images and text.

Ran Huber (DJ Anna) is part of the music scene in Berlin as promoter and DJ. With his event series “Am STARt” he supports young and emerging bands, to play at exceptional places in Berlin.