Talk “Conquering Space”


with artists Sandra Kranich, Jol Thomson, Sofi Żezmer, Tracer, Vytautas Jurevicius, Raphaela Vogel, Stefan Stark and Elke Gruhn (Director Nassauischer Kunstverein)

This discussion centered on artists whose works address the topic of space. With their installations, sculptures and performances the artists and explore diverse spatial concepts – media related, philosophical or indeed physical – as well as the interface between public and private/institutional space.
The talk was partially hold in english.

The event was part of “Friday on my mind”
Friday, January 30:
5 pm: Special Tour Space
from 7 pm: Talk “Conquering Space”
from 8:30 pm: Talk and concert “Where the music is a(r)t”
from 10 pm: Fluxus Cocktails in BEN’S BAR with Ben Patterson
Venue: Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden