On the wall, the graphic PSILOVE shows the structure of the molecule PSILAMIN, into the atoms of which the entire literary work of Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937) is inscribed in spiral form. Slime, semi-fluids and other viscous substances are recurrent motifs in Lovecraft’s horror stories.

In the installation ACCADEMIA DEI SECRETI, slime flows out of the experiment’s closed system and into the real world of the viewer. Thick strands and streaks form a transparent, liquid sculpture that, unlike the sealed bioreactor, dissolves interior and exterior boundaries

In the accompanying sound piece written by Thomas Feuerstein, the Accademia dei Secreti is a secret slime society whose members research the question of what substance we are made of: “What is matter and how does it come to life?” The Accademia finds the answer in PSILAMIN – “P+ reveals being as slime” and, in heralding the “Slime Age”, sets for itself the goal of fusing humanity into a new protoplasmic community.