Explore the Exhibition “Body-Me: The Body in the Age of Digital Technology” with Your Smartphone

The smartphone as a constant companion: always within reach to take the next picture or send the next text. One could almost think it has become part of our body, a transformation of our hand. At school, it’s considered more of a disturbance, but here, these mobile multifunctional image machines are intended to be used deliberately: During a tour of the exhibition “Body-Me: The Body in the Age of Digital Technology”, pictures can and should be taken and uploaded to Instagram. The works on view by artists Yuri Ancarani, Kate Cooper, Melanie Gilligan and Thomas Thwaites shed light on very different aspects of our digital world and its influence on humankind. How is this new technology changing our bodies and the act of seeing? With which perspective do the schoolchildren approach the exhibition? Which images will be captured and distributed/shared/posted? #bringyourphones #fkv #körperich #instawalk #hashtagsundkunst

Please register for this workshop in advance by calling +49 (0)69 219314-77 or emailing

The workshop fee is 60 € plus regular admission (reduced admission for school children)