Schulmodul FKV

Contemporary Art has always been a mirror of society and continues to reveal much both about the here and now and the history out of which the present has emerged. The Frankfurter Kunstverein’s mission is to make current and emerging artistic positions available to a broad public and to encourage active participation by inviting the public to reflect on our present day, contemplate alternative lifestyles and create public awareness of art.

Art education appropriate for adolescents trains the keen eye and creates contexts of meaning. With an interdisciplinary approach and an emphasis on fostering dialogue, knowledge from the fields of natural science and the arts as well as socially relevant topics can be discovered outside the classroom. The goal: exchanging knowledge and learning from each other instead of chalk and talk teaching. A sustainable art education program consisting of workshops, private tours and discussions that foster critical thinking can thus emerge. Supplemented by experimental aesthetic research, this method of forming opinions and learning to negotiate of ones own opinion within the group, sustains the pluralistic and multicultural society in which we live and in which we participate.

As a place of learning outside of the classroom, the Frankfurter Kunstverein offers a broad spectrum of educational formats for school groups, which elaborate on the respective themes of the current group and solo exhibitions and offer versatile starting points for lessons.

Recommended for school students of all types of school in 9th grade and above.