Norman Weber, „Now: Unisex Juwel“, 1996

Pin: Silkscreen on stainless steel

6 x 3 x 0,5 cm

Edition 30

80€ (incl. VAT plus shipping costs)

Exlusively for members

Norman Weber (born 1964) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and today teaches jewellery design in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Amsterdam, Wismar and Halle. His creations contain all those hidden and obvious qualities that make contemporary author’s jewellery so fascinating: brilliance and glamour, humour and enigma, pomp and circumstance. The works represent refined, border-crossing concepts between fashion, design and artistic extravagance, goldsmithing tradition, perfection and provocation. They are pieces of jewellery that require connoisseurship in the same way as the sophisticated work of art. Norman Weber’s pin “Now: Unisex Jewel” (1996) is inspired by Wolfgang Fritz Haug’s famous essay “On the Critique of Commodity Aesthetics”, which elaborated on the socio-historical connection between aesthetic appeal, exchange value and libido. The imperative “take me”, which can be read on Weber’s pin, is initially a direct invitation to buy the object and then – when the object or commodity is possessed and used – becomes an unmistakable formulation of sexual desire.

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