A Street Called Markt – Listening Session with kNN

29.07.2021, 19:30

kNN is the solo-moniker of Renato Grieco, under which he composes his vision of Musique Concréte. Raised with a solid classical education, from a young age Grieco undertook academic studies in double bass, composition and improvisation. He owns a master’s degree in electroacoustic composition from Naples Conservatory San Pietro a Majella. In the last 8 years he has worked throughout Europe on site specific compositions (both for electronics and ensembles), installations, live performances and acousmatic diffusions. Under the name of kNN he is exploring sound in its purest forms and is stretching the limits of auditive imagination and narrating. Even ears which are familiar with the more abstract realms of Musique Concrète will be surprised, while all the others may find an entrance to a different form of listening and storytelling. A Street Called Markt welcomes kNN to explore further unheard worlds of sound. The Frankfurter Kunstverein now offers the opportunity to witness this avant-garde experiment and put your own ears to the test.

A Street Called Markt is a series of musical performances, that gives a glimpse into the current sphere of experimental music. With Geier aus Stahl (Austria), Cucina Povera (Scotland) and kNN (Italy) each of the three evenings will unfold its very own experience of listening and invite you to uncover new places at the outskirts of contemporary musical ideas. Through their unorthodox approaches to writing music, all three artists create different sonic languages using electronic and acoustic instruments. The live performances will be accompanied by Exoticatom with a Liveset and by Zwist and Bermuda Breeze with a djset.

The series houses a diverse range of musical encounters at Frankfurter Kunstverein, to display different spectres of an upcoming generation of artists making music in Europe.

Admission to the Listening Sessions costs €3.

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