Antrittsrede als neuer Direktor des Frankfurter Kunstvereins 2008 (Inaugural Address as New Director of the Frankfurter Kunstverein 2008)


In 2000 Michael Riedel and Denis Loesch founded the now legendary exhibition space “Oskar-von-Miller Strasse 16” at the very same address in Frankfurt, also the first site of the “Freitagsküche”. In 2006 the building was torn down. This led to a temporary move in venue to Berlin, where “Oskar-von-Miller Strasse 16” operated from Weydinger Strasse 20 in Berlin-Mitte. Michael Riedel has been back in Frankfurt since the beginning of the year 2011, where he continues with the exhibition space titled “Oskar-von-Miller Strasse 16” at a different location.

For the exhibition “New Frankfurt Internationals” his inaugural speech as the new director of the Frankfurter Kunstverein has been presented once again in the new exhibition space at Mainzer Landstrasse 105. The speech was first given in cooperation with Daniel Baumann on October 9, 2008 at the FKV and proposed a new direction for the Kunstverein as an institutional concept.

Michael Riedel (born 1972) studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts Staedelschule, Frankfurt a. M. He lives and works in Frankfurt a. M. and New York.

Ausstellungsraum „Oskar-von-Miller-Strasse 16“, Mainzer Landstr. 105