Artist Talk und Catalogue Presentation with Sonja Yakovleva

15.05.2024, 18:00

For years, Sonja Yakovleva has been creating monumental paper cuts with extravagant compositions. She became known for the irony of her pop-feminist motifs, which evolved into a manifesto of self-empowered femininity. With the current exhibition, she examines class issues and power dynamics in the performance-driven society.

To mark the release of her new catalogue, “Soaplands,” the Frankfurter Kunstverein invites you to an artist talk with Sonja Yakovleva. In dialogue with Franziska Nori, the artist will discuss her artistic journey and the themes that inspire her, based on her book. Following the discussion, there will be an opportunity to purchase a signed catalogue.

Admission to the artist talk is free. No registration is necessary. Regular admission to visit the exhibition.

Please note that the talk will be held in German.