BBB_ „id rather be an iphone“


BBB_ is a post-digital cross disciplinary project, working at the interface of music, performance, art, design and philosophy. Behind BBB_ is the artist duo Alla Poppersoni and Alexander Sahm. Their work is a reflection of emotionality and irrationality in a world of global forces, Big Data and intelligent technologies. Poppersoni and Sahm present themselves as a mediator between digital and physical realities. While Poppersoni speaks conceptional lyrics in her own and synthesized computer voice, Sahm accompanies them with electronic Sound-Ready-Mades. The relinquishment of the stage transforms the performance into an intensive, club-like experience for the audience.
The title of the performance is taken from the statement “I’d rather be an iphone than a woman” by British theorist and feminist Helen Hester. “I’d rather be an iphone” is not only the title of the performance, but also of BBB_’s first music album. The album is accompanied by a booklet, containing a downloadable version of the album, as well as bonus tracks, videos, animations. With the Augmented Reality App “Aurasma”, the booklet can be brought to live.

Visuals/Programming: Karl Kliem / Dienststelle
Styling: Deike Schwarz, Sriram Srivigneswaramoorthy, Angelina Ambrosch
Kindly supported by saasfee*

The performance is part of the Night of the Museums 2017.
Ticket price: 14 € (including ticket fees), family ticket: 29 €, reduced ticket: 9 €
• from 7 pm in all participating museums
• presale online, or by telephone (069) 4076620
and in all museums and presale ticket shops