Big Bangk! – and how a market develops


On this night Bad Bangk gave its „Initial Public Offer“. Shares could be acquired by sharing and notification of information and knowledge in varying forms. Bad Bangk was an experimental mediation project which questioned the mechanism of supply and demand as central moment of knowledge insdustry. The principle of a free market was used to set exisiting hierarchies of knowledge into motion.

Big Bangk was a first meeting and get together of potential cooperation partners. Especially multipliers were spoken to who work in different relations like schools, authorities, educational institutions, youth centres, family centres, active work groups, clubs, museums a.o. Also indepent protagonists were invited. Thus should initiate an experimental exchange of institutions and protagonists.

*“Bad Bangk” – An experimental mediation project on the exhibition “Gemeinsam in die Zukunft”*

Bad Bangk is constructive. Bad Bangk is interested in existing things. Bad Bangk is a process. Bad Bangk is participation. Bad Bangk is an experimental mediation project at Frankfurter Kunstverein. Bad Bangk is looking for forms of cooperation. Which forms of fusion are possible? Which ways can a transfer go?

Bad Bangk is an initiative of the Frankfurt art mediators Susanne Hesse-Badibanga und Anna Kleinlein.