Empty Phrases – Slogans – Propaganda


The super election year in 2009 was accompanied by an abundance of empty appeals, catchphrases and slogans to be delivered by politicians. In the workshop, the question should follow as to how political communication originates and functions. In the exhibition “Together into the Future” at the Frankfurter Kunstverein as well as at the exhibition space entitled “Mobilisation of the Masses and World Receivers” at the Museum for Communication Frankfurt, participants got to know various artists and communication media as they took a closer look at this question. After which it was time to go into the creation of one’s own Podcast – from a technical realisation thereof, right up to the design stage. Within the two-day workshops, interviews and short contributions were produced under the motto “Empty Phrases – Slogans – Propaganda”. Original soundtracks were recorded, a presentation was compiled, licence-free music was selected and the entire project was completed on the computer. There was a lot to learn too, such as: how does one plan such a contribution? What should be considered with speech? How does one edit the sound on the computer? And finally, we published the entire project on the Internet.

For children and teenagers from 10–14 years.

Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt