Every bit of landscape beyond the cloverleaf interchange


The work of Pavel Pavlov’s is focused on the reinterpretation of landscape by means of minimalism and conceptualism. Within the Deutsche Börse Residency Program the Canadian artist has drawn his attention to the Frankfurter Kreuz – the cloverleaf interchange near Frankfurt. The new video installation which Pavlov was working on during the residency is about the possibility to represent in optical form the behavior that this transportation facility imposes on the driver. As the site of the Frankfurter Kreuz is crossed by the HaFraBa (the uncompleted autobahn project whose purpose was to connect Hamburg with Basel in the 1920’s) and by the first segment of the Reichsautobahn between Frankfurt and Darmstadt, Pavlov’s proposition functions as an empty metaphor of the history of the autobahn and a monument to the 20th century means of transportation – the automobile.

Pavel Pavlov, born 1973 in Bulgaria, studied Art and Art History at Laval University in Quebec. He lives and works in Montreal, Canada.