Guided Tour “Renaturation along the Frankfurt Mainbogen – Opportunities for Humans and Nature”

03.12.2023, 14:00

Max. 20 participants. Please register your participation at In case of bad weather, we will contact you with an alternative date.

Participation fee: €10 (please transfer in advance for planning purposes)

Meeting point at 1:45 PM at Restaurant Schlossblick

Please wear sturdy shoes for wet meadows.

Bending the Curve outdoor.

Biodiversity and renaturation also take place on our doorstep.

On December 3rd, from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, Julia Auer and Franziska Nori will guide you through Hessen’s largest renaturation project.

Through Julia Auer’s knowledge and storytelling, our gaze will be directed towards centuries-old signs of human use and changes in the landscape around Frankfurt. The two-hour course through the Mainbogen Auen will sharpen our senses and physical perception in the natural environment. Participants will be playfully invited to question the current separation between humans and nature and explore their own animal past.

The walk takes place in the Fechenheimer Mainbogen. Since 2015, this landscape has been renatured in several steps, making it Frankfurt’s largest nature conservation project since the renaturation measures at the Alten Flugplatz Bonames/Kalbach. The goal is to create a floodplain landscape with floodplain forests, oxbows, ponds, and meadows, providing a habitat for fish, amphibians, plants, and insects in the future. The renaturation project aims to promote biodiversity and simultaneously serve flood protection.

What has happened so far, what are the plans for the future, and what are today’s challenges? Julia Auer will open windows to knowledge and experiences of nature and culture.


Julia Auer is an expert in rewilding, a trained permaculture designer, climate activist, and nature guide. For the city of Frankfurt, she plans and builds three-zone gardens and mini-forests focusing on regionally plants and animals. Julia has extensive experience in self-sufficient living in the North American wilderness, where she sharpened her perception of untouched nature.