Kultur Lounge: How to support Artists? A Task for Frankfurt


One would expect to find the bigger names of Frankfurt’s art scene only at the opening nights of the most prestigious museums and galleries in the city. However, many are in fact strongly involved in fostering young and upcoming artists, as well as those that are local to Frankfurt itself. The board of trustees of the Frankfurter Verein für Künstlerhilfe (which could be loosely translated as Frankfurt Association for the Fostering of Artists) for example, has been filled by the likes of Tobias Rehberger, Max Hollein, Peter Gorschlüter, Hilmar Hoffmann or Jean-Christophe Ammann. Why has such a small institution like the Frankfurter Verein für Künstlerhilfe become so central in providing support for artists? And what role should Frankfurt play as a city in this area? What can even be defined as constituting “support for artists”? Is it the extent of how large or small a project is? Or is it even a matter of how much financial aid is given or whether an exhibitions space is provided? Could it also be a question of merely instilling a sense of possibility within the artist? Our guest speaker Prof. Dr. Andreas Bee, Board Member of the Frankfurter Verein für Künstlerhilfe, will seek to discuss and illuminate these questions. Together with Dr. Friederike von Franqué, he will aim to enlighten listeners on the possible future of Frankfurt’s art scene.

Prof. Dr. Bee is an Art Historian and Lecturer at the Hochschule für Bildende Kunst in Braunschweig and was the former Deputy Director of the MMK Museum for Modern Art in Frankfurt. He is furthermore also a member of the board of trustees of the Marli Hoppe-Ritter Foundation and is part of the Board of the Frankfurter Verein für Künstlerhilfe since 2013.

This event takes place in cooperation with the Kuratorium Kulturelles Frankfurt.

Held in German language.