Lecture: Design-oriented Thinking for an Easier Life


Lecture by Pekka Timonen (former Executive Director of Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 / Project Nordic Images and Perspectives)

Design is more than just a basis for developing a modern product. It is a mindset that is simply a part of everyday life in Finland and in neighboring Nordic countries. The aim is to find a creative solution where design backs the utility of the task to be solved while still being unique. Durable, timeless, and sustainable products are to be designed that are in harmony with nature and which take resources into special consideration. In Finland, this respectful approach runs like a common theme throughout all design practices ranging from simple objects to urban planning.

Pekka Timonen was the executive director for Helsinki’s presentation at the 2012 World Design Capital, which promoted good and practical design for every citizen in public and in the workplace. Working in conjunction with two universities, five cities, city administrative offices and private citizens, Finnish design was shown to be of great benefit to everyone. As Cultural Director of the City of Helsinki, Timonen laid the foundation for a design-oriented city; today he works as Managing Partner at Kreab & Gavin Anderson in Helsinki and advises companies on optimizing finances and communications.

This lecture has been followed the lecture “Finnish Design as a Symbol of National Identity” by Kristine Hebenstreit (Project Nordic Images and Perspectives)

An event in cooperation with the Project Nordic Images and Perspectives of the Goethe University Frankfurt/Main.

The lecture will held in English.