Lecture: Finnish Design as a Symbol of National Identity


Lecture by Kristine Hebenstreit (Project Nordic Images and Perspectives)

Even prior to 2012, when Helsinki proudly labeled itself the “World Design Capital,” the popularity of Finnish design was on the rise: Alvar Aalto’s (the forefather of Finnish Design) Savoy Vase or textile company Marimekko’s colorful pattern designs are regarded the world over as prime examples of simple and good design. Often referred to as “esteemed classics,” such articles are naturally part of the everyday life of the Finns and represent a fundamental part of their culture. Against this background, the presentation introduced successful design objects that can, without question, be described as national identity symbols.

This has been followed by the lecture “Design-oriented Thinking for an Easier Life” by Pekka Timonen (Former Executive Director for Helsinki World Design Capital 2012/ Project Nordic Images and Perspectives).

An event in cooperation with the Project Nordic Images and Perspectives of the Goethe University Frankfurt/Main.