Lecture: There is Always Someone Dying – On the Museum for Sepulchral Culture


Lecture by Gerold Eppler (Dep. Director, Museum for Sepulchral Culture Kassel)

This unique museum in Kassel is dedicated to all facets of death. The lecture offered an insight into the exciting collection of the museum and the institutions plans for development over the coming years.

Gerold Eppler has been a researcher in the study group Cemetery and Monument (AFD) since 1992 and the Central Institute of the Museum for Sepulchral Culture since 1992. Since 2002 he has held the post of Deputy Directors and Business Manager of the museum. After training as a stone sculptor and stonemason, he studied art education, art history, and psychology in Frankfurt am Main. Gerold Eppler has been chairman of the board of trustees of the Künstlernekropol cemetery in Kassel since 2004.