Lecture: „Wo leben sie denn nun, die Pokémon? In deiner Nähe!“


Lecture by Prof. Marc Ries (Professor of Sociology and Media Theory, HfG Offenbach)
The lecture will subject the New Moving Images – digital image objects calculated by means of pure data, CGIs that are used in filmic post production processes, image spaces of VR and AR techniques – to a „Reality Testing“ (Freud). Or will it be a „Surreality Testing“? Anyhow, it remains to be clarified, whether or not with regards to these images, which function as substitutes for our inner images or as simulation of our perception, the question about the inside and outside, about the coupling of psychical and factual reality can be asked at all. Whether our power of judgement will suffice to distinguish between the second, surreal perception – the recognition of virtual objects – from the first, the perception of imaginary and real objects. But maybe all of these questions are not that important, and the Pokémon and all the other avatars can simply be “retrieved” from nearby?
The lecture will be held in German.