MedienMittwoch – “Potential of Virtual Reality” #m2VR


MedienMittwoch #m2VR brings together internationally leading experts from the entertainment, games and technology industries to talk about Virtual Reality (VR).
What does VR bring to the table for gamification projects and for the future in general? #m2VR is scheduled the night before the FRAVR conference in Frankfurt and during the exhibition “Perception is Reality: On the Construction of Reality and Virtual Worlds” at Frankfurter Kunstverein-

MedienMittwoch is a forum and think tank where questions about media issues in particular can be addressed. Organized by media specialists for the media industry in Frankfurt RheinMain, it aims at tightening the loose network of people working here.

The events will take place in English. For participation, please register at

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GAMEPLACES/Wirtschaftsförderung / FRAVR