MY BODY, MY RULES – Activist Perspectives on Gender

12.01.2023, 18:30

Thematic guided tour My body, my rules – Activist perspectives on gender in the exhibition Where will we go from here? Twelve art stories told from Spain

Joint screening of the film Schreber is a Woman by El Palomar followed by a thematic guided tour.

Based on a joint screening and followed by a discussion of the video installation Schreber is a Woman by the artist duo El Palomar, Paula Maß directs the viewer’s attention to selected works in the exhibition Where will we go from here?. The thematic tour also provides background and insights into the works of the artists Antoni Hervàs, Putochimaricón, Petrit Halilaj and Álvaro Urbano, who deal with representation and self-determination of queer communities.

The techno-operetta Schreber is a Woman rewrites the story of Daniel Paul Schreber from a transfeminist and queer perspective. Schreber was committed to the Sonnenstein asylum in Saxony in 1894, shortly after her appointment as President of the Supreme Court, for feeling like a woman. The work takes a critical stance toward classical psychoanalysis, which identifies homosexuality and transsexuality as problems stemming from trauma.

With the expansive sculpture Under the firelight, the ash shines like glitter (2022), Antoni Hervás celebrates the history of varieté in the theaters and popular stages of the free-spirited and permissive Barcelona of the Avenida de el Paralelo.

The audiovisual work áfóñg poses the question of representation and visibility that the artist Chenta Tsai aka Putochinomaricón, a People of Color from the Taiwanese diaspora, raised in Spain, faces as a gender and sexual dissident.

The two oversized cherry blossoms by Petrit Halilajs and Álvaro Urbanos tell the love story of the artist couple.

The tour costs €3 plus admission. No registration is necessary.