The Dog, that knew too much


For “New Frankfurt Internationals” Claus Richter has developed a dazzling mini solo show performed by hand puppets and dealing with his own persona.
The story centers on the adventurous, absurd, and sad moments experienced by the stressed artist on a working day, particularly in relation to patrons, curators, and gallerists. The performance takes place within a papier mâché set suggesting the transience of the television entertainment industry.
Richter cleverly uses his well-known weakness for the Muppet Show—which also inspired his earlier work—to playfully and imaginatively convey the problems of the art business. Subversive jabs are made at hierarchies among artists and the artist’s own credibility.
Beware of the dogs!

Claus Richter (born 1971) studied at the Offenbach Academy of Art and Design. He lives and works in Cologne.

Diamantenbörse, Stephanstr. 1-3