The Essential of the Gaze–On the Art of Gianni Caravaggio


The Italian artist Gianni Caravaggio belongs to a younger generation of artists who engage in an in-depth exploration of image and art conceptions. Processes of origination and change are at the center of his work. His art inspires viewers to ponder the fundamentals of generative processes in the world. Irene Schütze talked about sculptures and expansive installations by Caravaggio and introduced listeners to the artist’s philosophy, which was shaped by his teacher Luciano Fabro, a proponent of Arte Povera.

Dr. Irene Schütze studied art history in Cologne, Milan and Bochum. She teaches at Kunsthochschule Mainz. Her book “Gianni Caravaggio. Über das Essenzielle in der Kunst“ (Gianni Caravaggio. On the Essential in Art) was published recently and has been presented at the lecture.