The Normativity of Morality. Institutional Foundations of Autonomy


*Part of the lecture series “Normativity. Frankfurt Perspectives“*

Normativity is the term for a commonplace phenomenon which at the same time defies explanation. What constitutes the force that makes us adhere to social principles, norms and rules? This question has been discussed by the professors Axel Honneth, Rainer Forst and Klaus Günther.

Taking Hegel as point of departure, the bonding force of (ethical) norms can be explained by calling attention to the fact that, as already institutionalized rules of action, they are precisely what make us self-confident participants in social interaction. At the same time, this moral habit must be furnished with a certain reflexive flexibility and correctability. Axel Honneth is professor of social philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy of the Goethe University and director of the Institute of Social Research Frankfurt.

Goethe-Universität, Campus Westend | Hörsaalzentrum HZ 3