What is radical conservatism and why is it so dangerous?
The normative orders of radical conservatism

18.09.2021, 13:45

Prof. Dr. Thomas Biebricher (Political Scientist, Copenhagen Business School, Normative Orders, Goethe University Frankfurt)

Natascha Strobl (Political scientist, focus on right-wing extremism and the New Right)

Prof. Dr. Sarah Speck (Sociologist with a focus on women’s and gender studies, Goethe University Frankfurt)

Moderation: Rebecca Schmidt (Normative Orders, Goethe University Frankfurt)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Biebricher is a political theorist. He received his doctorate in Political Science in Freiburg 2003. Having held positions at the University of Florida, the University of British Columbia and Goethe University in Frankfurt, he is currently an Associate Professor for the History of Economic Governance at Copenhagen Business School. Recent publications include The Political Theory of Neoliberalism (Stanford 2019) and Geistig-moralische Wende: Die Erschöpfung des deutschen Konservatismus (Berlin 2018).

Natascha Strobl is a political scientist and author from Vienna. She deals with the extreme right, especially the New Right and the Identitarians. Together with Julian Bruns and Kathrin Glösle, she has written the books “Die Identitären – Handbuch zur Jugendbewegung der Neuen Rechten in Europa” (4th edition, Unrast 2019) and “Rechte Kulturrevolution. Who and What is the New Right of Today?” (VSA 2015). She is the author of numerous book, newspaper and magazine articles. Her current book is “Radikalisierter Konservatismus. Eine Analyse” (Suhrkamp 2021). On Twitter, Strobl writes ad hoc analyses of right-wing rhetoric under #NatsAnalyse.

Prof. Dr. Sarah Speck is a professor of sociology at Goethe University in Frankfurt. Previously she was a research associate at the Institute for Social Research. After gaining her PhD, she taught at various universities, including the Humboldt University and the University of Tübingen. Her focus is on gender, couple and family research, care work, new masculinities as well as critical and feminist theory.

Rebecca Caroline Schmidt is Managing Director of the research centre “Normative Orders of the Goethe University Frankfurt since November 2012. In this capacity, she is responsible for the coordination of the research centre and also works at the interface between research management and knowledge transfer. On June 01, 2020, she also took over the administrative management of the newly founded Research Institute for Social Cohesion with funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, a research network at eleven locations. She studied law with a focus on criminal science, criminal procedure and penal law at Goethe University and worked as a research assistant at the university as well as in an international Frankfurt business law firm in banking supervisory law during and after her legal clerkship.

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