10 Reasons to be a Member #11 Olivia Plender

13.12.2006 — 04.03.2007

After almost a year of existence, the 10 Reasons to be a Member archive will be given a new face. Thanks to the contribution of Olivia Plender (UK, 1977) our archive will grow.
The #11th Reason is presented under the intriguing title The Folly of Man Exposed of the World Upside Down. It is a series of drawings specifically made for the Frankfurter Kunstverein dealing with the notion of history, nonsense and our longing for a place, a context, a home, a reference.
Olivia Plender translated the history of the Frankfurter Kunstverein into a history of emblems, that is, an iconic image used to represent an idea. The whole entrance space was transformed in order to create a new narrative of the institution, in which abstract notions like “Verein”, “citizenship” or even “art” crystallize into concrete and rich visual scenes.