10 Reasons to be a Member #16 Trompe-l’oeil. Polizei

07.06.2008 — 07.09.2008

For the 10 Reasons to be a Member-space, the ‚realism working group‘ of the Free Class Frankfurt/M. has produced a body of works dedicated to the relationship between art and reality production. Our present reality is not based on the forces of nature, but instead on the forces of a diffuse police order of constructed ‚practical constraints‘.
Departing from this thesis the group searches for collaborative artistic methods, which highlight the changeability of this present life.

Besides the design of the exhibition the group also produces a newspaper dedicated to the actuality of the term „Realism“, while at the same time discussing the significance of collaborative strategies. The project includes a film and discussion programme.

The Free Class Frankfurt/M. is a loose network of artists, who are connected by an ongoing discussion about art and politics. Within the Free Class different working groups and experimental initiatives are developed on a variety of topics. The members of the Realism Working Group are: Rebecca Ann Tess, Micheal Eddy, Jonas Jensen, Martin Kirchner, Flo Maak, Siw Umsonst and Jeronimo Voss.

This project for 10 Reasons to be a Member is curated by Tobi Maier (curator, Frankfurter Kunstverein).

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