Don’t Stop. Filme für die 90er

16.12.2000 — 20.12.2000

Frankfurter Kunstverein Hefte Sondernummer 99
Film is a leading medium. Looking back at the history of art in the 1990s, it is noticeable that film plays an important role in contemporary art. Numerous artists who became successful during the 1990s thematize film history in their works. The Frankfurter Kunstverein has also set itself the task of not only exhibiting art in the conventional sense, but also pointing out the references that are of fundamental importance for the development of new art products and art forms.

We asked ourselves how we could respond to the millennium projects of the various cultural fields and media: we asked over 100 artists and cultural professionals which film in film history they thought was the most significant of the 90s. The 90s are not only regarded as a decade of political, cultural and social upheaval, but also as the decade in which one retro wave was replaced by the next. After trying it out for ourselves, we also realized that this question is not so easy to answer and prompted us to ask for a written explanation for each suggestion during the conception phase.

The result was surprising. A picture for the nineties.