Marcus Schinwald: Tableau Twain

01.09.2004 — 24.10.2004

Opening: August 31, 2004, 7.30 pm

The “Tableau Twain” exhibition, a cooperative project of Frankfurter Kunstverein and Siemens Arts Program, presented a comprehensive one-man show of works by Austrian artist Markus Schinwald (born in 1973). Schinwald’s artworks are based on his interest in the many-faceted cultural and historical meanings of the human body. Physical extremes and / or manipulative interventions, e.g. prostheses or fashion-related distancing, play a formative role in his artworks, which typically involve the genres of film, photography and installation.

Cooperating Partners: Frankfurter Kunstverein and Siemens Arts Program Curators Markus Heinzelmann (Siemens Arts Program) and Nicolaus Schafhausen (Frankfurter Kunstverein) Artist’s Book

The exhibition is accompanied by an artist’s book. Published by Lukas & Sternberg, the volume includes articles by Peter Gorsen and Vanessa Joan Müller, as well as an interview with Markus Schinwald by Markus Heinzelmann.