Neue Welt

01.06.2001 — 23.09.2001

The international group show “Neue Welt”(New World) reflects the social, political, and economic changes of the last decade. “New World” means a redefinition of the public as a field of social interaction. The public metaphorically represents a complex system of interrelated spheres, influencing and sanctioning each other. In “Neue Welt” topics like globalisation, migration, urbanism and the depolitization of society in an embracing culture of event are adressed without reducing single works of art to merely illustrate these topics. Rather, the selected works by international artists, heteregenious as they are, produce an “in-between” that enables a new discursive approach to the current state of European cult.
A catalogue was published for the exhibition “Neue Welt”.

Participating Artists: Haluk Akakçe, Pawel Althamer, Kai Althoff, Yael Bartana, Reinhard Bernsteiner, Roger Bundschuh, Michael Elmgreen/Ingar Dragset, Alexandra Duwe/Holger Wüst, Malachi Farrell, Carsten Fock, Penelope Georgiou, Fabrice Gygi, Paul Graham, Rodney Graham, Jeppe Hein, Nikolaus Hirsch/Finn Geippel, Dan Holdsworth, Laura Horelli, Runa Islam, Mike Kelley, Anna Klamroth, Ken Lum, Bernhard Martin, Kenny MacLeod, Bruce Nauman, Seamus Nicolson, Henrik Olesen, Phillipe Parreno, Stephen Prina, Gerhard Richter, de Rijke/de Rooij, Willem de Rooij/Jane Ostermann-Petersen, Józef Robakowski, Roth/Stauffenberg, Anri Sala, Erika Sulzer-Kleinemeier, Anne Tallentire, Wolfgang Tillmans, Octavian Trauttmansdorff, Barbara Visser