16.02.2002 — 28.04.2002

The exhibition “Non-Places” focuses on the re-definition and restructuring of the public and those spaces that seem to have no local background. These spaces are transitional sites without characteristics of their own. Nevertheless they are in the centre of current discussions about globalization and the reshaping of the public: They influence our understanding of modernity and figure as venues for architectural innovation, but also have a broad effect on the private and public life. Economic and social distinctions, power and control find a clear expression in these spaces.

Participating Artists: Emmanuelle Antille, Siegrun Appelt, Gabriele Basilico, Michael Blum, Martin Boyce, Thomas Demand, Peter Friedl, Ori Gersht, Jonathan Horowitz, Anna Jermolaewa, Viola Klein, Katrin Korfmann, Mark Lewis, Friedrich Ludewig, Olaf Metzel, Nick Relph & Oliver Payne, Martha Rosler, Julika Rudelius, Sofie Thorsen