Printed Treasures

13.10.2009 — 17.10.2009

Accompanying this years bookfair and the event OPEN BOOKS, Frankfurter Kunstverein opened its archive and showed parts of the inventories. The presentation of a selection of interesting exhibition catalogues, posters and “Jahresgaben“ (special artist editions) gave an insight into the eventful exhibition activity and history of Frankfurter Kunstverein.

Since the founding in 1829 the Frankfurter Kunstverein has committed itself to develop and to communicate contemporary art. Until today the presentation of young and trend-setting artists plays a major role within solo and thematically group exhibitions. Numerous catalogues, posters and “Jahresgaben” which became a rich archive during the last decades are the result. Now many of these hidden treasures were made public and could be discovered.

Curator: Stefanie Spiegelhalder