Ann Reder, „Sermiligag – Woher die Eisberge kommen“, 1996


34 x 23 cm

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The Norwegian sculptor Ann Reder (born 1946) studied with Michael Croissant at the Städelschule in Frankfurt from 1967 to 1972. Her sculptural works are often plywood constructions painted with oil paint, dominated by blue and yellow tones. Collages are an equally important part of Ann Reder’s oeuvre, such as the edition “Sermiligag – Where the icebergs come from”. A composition of dark blue and white, rectangular colour surfaces can be seen, which give the impression of movement on a horizontal axis. Sermiligag is a small settlement on the south-eastern coast of Greenland. The place name means “Where the icebergs come from”. Ann Reder refers in her collage to this almost mythical sounding meaning: the abstracted forms make one think of ice formations moving silently through northern waters. In its geometrical reduction, the collage is reminiscent of the colour field paintings of Mark Rothko and the colour research of Josef Albers. Following Robert Rosenblum, who placed modern painting in the tradition of Romanticism all the way to Abstract Expressionism, one could consider Reder’s artistic concern to be Romantic.

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