Tag: Antigender

Abstract by Dr. Massimo Prearo

During the summer of 2013, on the occasion of the parliamentary discussion of 3 bills, respectively on the recognition of same-sex civil unions, on gender education, and the fight against homophobia and transphobia, a new group with a French name, has raised in the streets of Rome, before spreading throughout Italy: La Manif Pour Tous

Abstract by Prof. Dr. Susanna Mancini

The Instrumentalization and Undermining of Human Rights by Ultra-Conservative Movements Anti-genderism has become a key component of the agenda of populist political actors both domestically and transnationally. As an anti-modern discourse often coupled with racist and anti-Semitic ideologies, anti-genderism has proven to be capable of provoking mass political mobilization. Appropriated by populists, it has the

Abstract by Prof. Dr. Elżbieta Korolczuk

What’s (anti)gender has to do with populism? The Polish case and beyond In recent years patriarchal gender norms and ideologies have become an integral part of the right-wing populist parties programs. Right-wing leaders, including Jarosław Kaczyński, Victor Orban, Jair Bolsonaro and Matteo Salvini have invested in creating their image as defenders of traditional family and