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We mourn the loss of Dr Ewald Rathke

Dr Ewald Rathke 1926 – 2024 Dr Ewald Rathke, director emeritus of the Frankfurter Kunstverein from 1962 to 1970, passed away on 5 May 2024. From 1959 to 1961, he was managing director of the Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen in Düsseldorf. From 1970, he ran his own art dealership in Frankfurt am Main.

We are looking for participants for Lawrence Maltaf’s performance “Shrink”

For the upcoming exhibition The Presence of Absence (October 12, 2024 to February 16, 2025, opening on October 11, 2024, at 6:30 pm), the Frankfurter Kunstverein is looking for committed people who would like to participate in the installation Shrink (1995) by Lawrence Malstaf (*1972, Brussels) for a small compensation. About the performance Shrink: Each

Sonja Yakovleva, INSTAREXIE, Gym Bro und Pink sexy gym boot camp

Gym bro, 2024 Paper Cut, Photo cardboard 110 x 318 cm Pink sexy gym boot camp, 2024 Paper Cut, Photo cardboard 265 x 295 cm Ohne Titel, 2024 Paper Cut, Photo cardboard 680 cm / ⌀ 47 cm INSTAREXIE, 2024 Ceiling installation of 240 paper cuts, photo cardboard, color foil je 68 x 68 cm

Sonja Yakovleva, State of Strike

State of Strike, 2024 Paper cut and drawing, card stock, pencil and coloured pencil 10,65 x 2,71 m Courtesy the artist In Sonja Yakovleva’s new works, specially created for this exhibition, the overarching motif is the representation of an abstract power that governs bodies and is embedded in them. In State of Strike, the city

Gintarė Sokelytė, * (Asterisk)

* (Asterisk), 2023–24 Room installation Plaster, branches, wood and jute fabric 40 m2, Height 2,5 m Video installation Five videos 7:04 min, 3:44 min, 6:15 min, 4:21 min, 11:00 min Wood, MDF, cardboard, paper and 5 screens 3 x 3 x 3 m Sculpture Metal 92 x 68 x 210 cm Courtesy the artist The

Gintarė Sokelytė, A-Type-Complex and 25

A-Type Complex, 2024 Installation Construction grids, coal, reflective foil, screen, series of sculptures made of chicken wire, plaster and engine oil Height 255 cm / ⌀ 260 cm 25, 2024 Wall sculpture Styrofoam, iron wire, metal, various plastics and engine oil 5 x 1,8 m Courtesy the artist A-Type Complex is the title of the

Max Planck Institute of Animation Behavior, Department of Migration

Headed by Prof. Dr. Martin Wikelski and team ICARUS (Uschi Müller & team) Schäuffelhut & Berger GmbH, Movebank Babette Eid & team, MPIAB, MaxCine couchbits GmbH, Michael Quetting, MPIAB, Movebank Museum and AnimalTracker Dr. Kamran Safi, Dr. Andrea Kölzsch, Dr. Anne Scharf, MPIAB, MoveApps Carla Avolio, MPIAB, Press and Outreach Movebank Two videos, 3D animations

Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP

Prof. Dr. Alexander Böker, Director Fraunhofer-Institut für Angewandte Polymerforschung IAP Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Büsse, Head of Verarbeitungstechnikum für Biopolymere Schwarzheide Dr. Jens Balko, Head of Verarbeitungstechnikum für Biopolymere Schwarzheide Heiko Ziller, Technical co-worker Danny Pytek, Technical co-worker Jens Kunkel, Design of experiments and compilation of exhibits Fabian Textor, Scientific co-worker Fresh-keeping containers, cream jars, cable pass-throughs,

New Materials

Magna Glaskeramik Stormy Grey Bodenplatten, 2017 24 Glass panels from recycled crushed glass and surplus coated solar panels Each 135 x 60 x 2 cm Samples 6 Glass tiles made from recycled broken glass and surplus coated solar panels Courtesy Magna Glaskeramik  BlueBlocks: Seawood Samples Fibreboards made from brown seaweed Courtesy BlueBlocks RikMakes: Compostboard Samples

Bending the Curve – an introduction by Franziska Nori (Co-Creation Art)

Bending the Curve – Knowing, Acting, Caring for Biodiversity Co-Kreation Kunst: Franziska Nori WHY CO-CREATIONS? Bending the Curve is the latest in a series of exhibitions (Trees of Life – Stories for a Damaged Planet 2019/2020, The Intelligence of Plants 2021/2022) in which the Frankfurt Kunstverein collaborates with international natural science research institutes and contemporary

Bending the Curve – An introduction by Katrin Böhning-Gaese (Co-Creation Science)

Bending the Curve: How to Achieve a Turnaround in Conservation? Co-Creation Science: Katrin Böhning-Gaese Franziska Nori and I met at a workshop on the New Senckenberg Natural History Museum in early 2019. Franziska deeply impressed me with her speech. She said “art can open up new perspectives” and ideally “creates ‘sublime moments’ that have transformative

Fernando Laposse

Pink Hammock, 2019 Hammock, woven sisal, dyed pink 200 x 400 x 100 cm Dog benches (pups), 2023 Weaven agave fibers, plywood structure Each 67 x 40 x 45 cm Totomoxtle, 2023 Polygonal multi-colored corn panels 12 m2 Agave Regeneration, 2019 Video 5:34 min Totomoxtle – Biomaterial Made from Mexican Heirloom Corn Husks, 2019 Video

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Faculty of Architecture

Prof. Dr. Dirk Hebel MycoTree, 2017 Mycelium and bamboo 100 x 100 x 150 cm Courtesy Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Faculty of Architecture The MycoTree is the result of a collaboration between the Chair of Sustainable Construction at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the Block Research Group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

International Institute for Applied System Analysis, IIASA

David Leclère et al. Bending the Curve of Biodiversity Loss, 2020 Infographic from: Leclère D, Obersteiner M, Barrett M, Butchart SHM, Chaudhary A, De Palma A, DeClerck FAJ, Di Marco M, et al. (2020). Bending the curve of terrestrial biodiversity needs an integrated strategy. Courtesy Adam Islaam | IIASA Plant and animal species across the

„Guts”, ein Film von Taylor Hess und Noah Hutton

Guts, 2019 HD-Video, 12:52 min Featuring the Island of Newfoundland, CLEAR, Rick Chavolla, and Max Liboiron Cinematography and Editing by Taylor Hess and Noah Hutton Courtesy Taylor Hess and Noah Hutton The short film Guts, directed by Noah Hutton and Taylor Hess, addresses the responsibility of science and its independence in the service of socio-ecological

Julia Lohmann

Hidaka Ohmu, 2020 Algae glued to rattan and laminated wood 535 x 325 x 224 cm Corpus Maris II, 2023 Algae glued to rattan and laminated wood 150 x 150 x 130 cm Department of Seaweed Studio space: Various prototypes, work samples and material Algae veneer, rattan constructions, sketches, dried algae from various countries in

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

Pollinator Pathmaker: AfyLbwTriWhuR7PDkd77LZ (Pollinator Vision, Late Spring) Pollinator Pathmaker: ARr77zvQW8Bq8q6hgDHUmp (Pollinator Vision, Late Summer) Pollinator Pathmaker: AfyLbwTriWhuR7PDkd77LZ (Pollinator Vision, Late Summer)  Pollinator Pathmaker: iFADDiPqc5HU3KiFxjBEuG (Pollinator Vision, Early Summer) Pollinator Pathmaker: AfyLbwTriWhuR7PDkd77LZ (Pollinator Vision, Midsummer), 2023 Five pigment prints on Baryta paper with landscape creations made with the software Pollinator Pathmaker Each 203 x 125 cm

Walter R. Tschinkel

Six architectures of ant nests of different species Camponotus socius, Pogonomyrmex badius, Trachymyrmex septentrionalis, Formica Dolosa, Pheidole morrisi, Cyphomyrmex rimosus Tin casting Various sizes Courtesy Walter R. Tschinkel Walter R. Tschinkel is a US biologist who conducts research in the field of sociobiology and behavioral ecology of social insects, particularly ants. Tschinkel’s decades of work

Zoo Frankfurt

Exhibit developed by Dr. Johannes Köhler Colony of atta leaf cutter ants System of tubes and cubes with ants, food chambers, waste chambers Various sizes Courtesy Dr. Johannes Köhler, Zoo Frankfurt Thanks to a collaboration with Frankfurt Zoo, the Frankfurter Kunstverein presents a colony of leafcutter ants that will inhabit the exhibition rooms for the

Maurizio Montalti

RECIPROCITY // Mogu Acoustic ASPEN Tiles, 2023 Bio-fabricated mycelium-composite acoustic tiles, grown by means of fungal fermentation on low value substrates/residues, including hemp, cotton, and mycelium biomasses Triangle-shaped modules, each one 45,5 x 39,8 cm RECIPROCITY // The Alchemist – Ganoderma lucidum, 2021 Fungal Biomass and fruiting Bodies/mushrooms, cultivated on agro-industrial residues, including hemp straw

MYRIAD. Where we connect.

MYRIAD. Where we connect. is a project of Interactive Media Foundation and Filmtank, in co-creation with Miiqo Studios, Context Film and Artificial Rome MYRIAD. Installation, 2023 Fourteen modules, five seating blocks, two seating benches made of wood, Resysta, Ytong, coated with coloured concrete Various sizes Interactive projection mapping on three carbon modules, floor projection, reactive

P2P, 2023

Server sharing artworks by Nora Al-Badri, Simon Denny, Do Not Research, Olia Lialina, Jill Magid and Jon Rafman through the P2P file sharing network Server cage, server cabinet, rack server, file, Torrent software, internet connection, neon lights Dimensions variable Courtesy the artists and Apalazzo Gallery To view the works, please visit the website and

Up Next, 2023

Video installation, raised floor like in data centers 24:04 min Courtesy the artists and Apalazzo Gallery The Frankfurter Kunstverein is premiering Eva & Franco Mattes’ new video work, Up Next. This piece takes as its subject the fate of Fatemeh Khishvand (*2001, Tehran, Iran), who became known as Sahar Tabar on Instagram. Her story turned

Abuse Standards Violations, 2016, 2018, 2021

Wall mounted Plexiglas panels with content moderation guidelines UV print on plexiglass, various insulation materials, spacers, screws 100 x 100 cm / 150 x 100 cm Courtesy the artists and Apalazzo Gallery The presentation of The Bots is added to by the nine-part work Abuse Standards Violations, which marks the beginning of Eva and Franco

The Bots, 2020

Video installation Actors and actresses: Irina Cocimarov, Jesse Hoffman, Jake Levy, Alexandra Marzella, Ruby McCollister, Bobbi Salvör Menuez Six customised OKA desks, monitors, videos, headphones, cables Dimensions and length variable Courtesy the artists and Apalazzo Gallery For The Bots, Eva & Franco Mattes collaborated with investigative journalist Adrian Chen and actors and actresses Irina Cocimarov,

BEFNOED, 2013 (ongoing)

Video installation Five videos, monitors, customized wall brackets, cables Dimensions and duration variable Courtesy the artists and Apalazzo Gallery BEFNOED is the title of an ongoing series of videos that Eva & Franco Mattes have been producing since 2013. These short films are published online, on obscure, peripheral or forgotten social networks around the world,

Nassim L’Ghoul

Zwei Schritte vor, ein Schritt zurück, 2023 Three-channel-video installation 3D animation and machine learning algorythms 05:44 min Sound Phil Hoffart Courtesy the artist Nassim L’Ghoul works with 3D animation to generate digital images that he creates individually for his films. L’Ghoul has produced a new three-channel work for the Frankfurter Kunstverein. His moving images unfold

Ramon Keimig

Bent cold sidewalk, 2022/2023 Installation Silkscreen on canvas (70 x 70 cm), digital print on mesh (432 x 332 cm, 357 x 457 cm, 427 x 352 cm), digital print on paper, cassette cases (10,16 x 6,35 x 1,27 cm), lp-covers (315 x 312 cm), woven blanket (185 x 150cm), crowbar, mercedes-star, metal ashtray, stickers,

Offert Albers

0-12 Beaufort, 2023 Set of 13 images, projected Faders 0-12, 2023 13 archival pigment prints, aluminum frames each 30 x 40 cm Courtesy the artist For the exhibition And This is Us 2023, Offert Albers creates a two-part photographic work whose parts are of equal value to one another, as they both point to the

Benedikt Ackermann

Filtered time series (Frankfurt), 2023 Installation 23 screens, 23 media players, switches, power supplies, network cables, video cables, power cables, adapters, Velcro Filter #0 (F) Filter #1 (F) Filter #2 (F) Filter #3 (F) Filter #4 (F) Filter #5 (F) Filter #6 (F), 2023 Screen clusters Annual Plots (Frankfurt), 2023 12 Inkjet prints on paper

Jenny Sofie Kasper

  50°06’20.4″N 8°45’52.2″E, 2023 Virtual Reality Installation 3D Scan Collage, Trnio+, Ue5.03 Duration variable Film, Ue5.03, 29 min Ceramics, bisque fired, dipped in ink Dimensions variable Courtesy the artist (Please note that the Virtual Reality glasses by Jenny-Sofie Kasper can only be tried out on the following days: Thursdays, 4pm-9pm & Saturdays, Sundays, 11am-7pm). Jenny

Pia Ferm

Capriccio (study), 2023 Handtufted tapestry Wool, linen and polyester yarn, polyester fabric, textile glue 225 x 420 cm Courtesy the artist Pia Ferm draws, sculpts and works with textile materials and with marble. Her works emerge from the act of drawing, which she then transforms into different materials and practices. The artist has created a

Anita Esfandiari

Gave to the cypress a rosy shade of the redbud; and to the tulip gave the stature of a bambuseae, 2023 Mixed media ⌀ 150 x 300 cm Courtesy the artist Trained as a painter in Tehran, Iran, Anita Esfandiari worked with sculpture, drawing and installation during her studies at the Städelschule. The formal starting

Meret Kern

Untitled, 2022/2023 24 drawings with gouache on paper, charcoal on paper, charcoal and gouache on paper, pencil on paper 21 x 29,7 cm, 76 x 112 cm, 50 x 70 cm, 53 x 76 cm, 150 x 248 cm Courtesy the artist Meret Kern works with gouache and more recently with charcoal on paper. She

Lisa-Sophie Gehrmann

Horizontsucher, 2023 Five latex reliefs 120 x 80 cm, 160 x 130 cm, 50 x 140 cm Narrenfreiheit, 2023 Four 3D print, oil paint, plaster 50 x 27 x 20 cm, 50 x 22 x 20 cm, 50 x 26 x 27 cm Courtesy the artist With its origins in drawing, Lisa-Sophie Gehrmann’s artistic practice

Sonja Rychkova

Blessed 2, 2023 Oil on canvas 380 x 280 cm Views, 2023 Oil on canvas 260 x 280 cm Courtesy the artist Sonja Rychkova portrays people from her surroundings, friends, also youngsters from the neighbourhood where she grew up. Her gaze is not that of a stranger, it is intimate and familiar. Since she began

Rashiyah Elanga

Another dream under the Troposphere, 2023 Film and digital photo collages, 18 min Actresses: Elie Autins, Lalla Nomoko, Rashiyah Elanga Music Kamal Jahi Project management Emma Bombail Script, direction and editing Rashiyah Elanga Kamera Camera Jing Lin, Rashiyah Elanga Makeup Simon Mine With thanks to Kabena Kasangati, Jackson Bukasa, Jean Patrice Keka, Valentin Noujaim, Camille

Momu & No Es

Lucía Moreno (*1982, Basel, CH) & Eva Noguera (*1979, Barcelona, ES) Calvary Chapel, 2022 Installation on glass Variable size Courtesy the artists A moral tale Momu & No Es have been an artistic duo since 2004. They work between Rotterdam, Barcelona and Madrid. Combining video, scenography and performance, their projects are populated with objects and

Fito Conesa

Helicon, 2018 Video 6 min Courtesy Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) An invocation of the apocalypse To invoke is to voice an incantation or a plea for help, for a favour or protection, to a higher force. Helicon is an invocation: a brass band, composed of seven members of different ages playing a melody

Antoni Hervàs

Under the firelight, the ash shines like glitter, 2021-2022 Cardboard, newspaper, paper mâché, glue, photocopies, risographs, acrylic, spray, grid, black light Variable dimensions Courtesy the artist A tale rescued from the ashes Antoni Hervàs described his ambitious exhibition El misterio de Caviria (The mystery of Caviria), at La Capella, Barcelona, 2016, as ‘an investigation into

Chenta Tsai aka Putochinomaricón

áfóñg, 2022 Mixed digital media Courtesy the artist Delving into the subject of representation through the medium of an audiovisual mixtape, the work is structured under 8 themes: íntró (éstádó cónstánté dé críngé) síndrómé dél ímpóstór / nó mérécé lá péná / párá nó dár péná ántifáz káwáíí / nárrátívá ámóré (ábró híló – té

María Alcaide

Carne de mi carne: Piel, 2021 Video installation Director, production, script: María Alcaide Performers: Lepen Alcaide, Antonio Alcaide, Alicia Alcaide, Nieves G. Alcaide, Blas Alcaide, José A. Alcaide; with the collaboration of María Martín, medical specialist 12:46 min Courtesy the artist soo fat, 2021 Sculpted foam seats covered with silicone, hand cut by the artist

Andrea Muniáin

DILSS. Digital Intercontinental Large Supermarkets, 2022 Printed PVC tarpaulin, glass, paper, wood, glitter Variable size Courtesy the artist A hyper-realistic tale The artist Andrea Muniáin is a trained architect and researcher. Her recent work focuses on the development of prototypes, which she calls ‘bodyscapes’. By means of walk-in sceneries that allow viewers to become part

El Palomar

Mariokissme (Mario Páez, *1980, Campillos, Málaga, ES) R. Marcos Mota (Rafa Marcos, *1988, Tarragona, ES) Schreber is a Woman, 2020 4K video transferred to HD 2-Channel synchronised projection Colour, stereo, 30 min Installation, variable dimensions Courtesy the artists Rewritten memories of a sick society El Palomar is an expanded art project, directed by Mariokissme and

Paloma Polo

What is Thought in the Thought of People, 2015 Video 17 min Courtesy the artist A story for the revolution The archipelago of the Philippines, a Southeast Asian country of more than 7,000 islands named after monarch Philip II, was under Spanish rule for nearly three centuries, from 1517 until the outbreak of the US-supported

Juan Pérez Agirregoikoa

Culture is what is done to us, 2014 Series of drawings Acrylic and charcoal on paper 100 x 75 cm Courtesy the artist, Private Collection Geesche Aarning, Clages Gallery From left to right Left wall: THE VIRGIN SPANKING THE INFANT JESUS BURNED TREE DOMESTIC FASCIST LOVING THE TREE LOVE LURKING TURNING AND TURNING AROUND PATRIARCH,

Noa and Lara Castro

Sempre se encontra consolo, 2022 Two-channel video HD 28:50 min Courtesy the artists Dreamed memories Noa and Lara Castro work as an artistic duo, creating films that tell stories containing elements of fable, memories, landscapes and dreams. They immerse themselves in the unconscious and memory of their homeland, their goal to protect everything there that

Petrit Halilaj & Álvaro Urbano

10th of May 2016 (Cherry), 2020 Stainless steel, canvas, acrylic paint, thread 270 x 450 x 450 cm, each blossom Wilshire & Cochran, 2017 Two raccoon costumes, fabric Dimensions variable Courtesy the artists, ChertLüdde, kamel mennour, Travesía Cuatro A love story in letters Petrit Halilaj and Alvaro Urbano, who work as individual artists, have collaborated

Regina de Miguel

Intoxicated waters, never-seen-before comets and a meeting of suicides, 2021 HD video, 42 min Soundtrack Lucrecia Dalt Courtesy the artist Chronicles of a medium Regina de Miguel has developed an interdisciplinary cinematographic and artistic practice: hybrid films and projects such as installations, drawings, sculptures and photographs. With these, she creates complex narratives resulting from her

Postscript: Counter-forensics

This room provides context for Forensic Architecture’s ongoing practice of ‘counter-forensics’. Since 2010, Forensic Architecture (FA) has carried out more than 80 investigations around the world, and presented them in national and international courts, truth commissions, as well as in art and cultural institutions. By inverting the direction of the ‘forensic gaze’, the agency seeks

Door III – Oury Jalloh’s Cell: Smoke Traces

CELL 5, DESSAU POLICE STATION Working together with the Initiative in Gedenken an Oury Jalloh, FA/Forensis reconstructed the door of the cell, and part of the surrounding corridor, as both a digital and physical model. Onto this model, we digitally projected images of the cell taken by the police after the fire. As smoke accumulates

Space dedicated to the Initiative in Gedenken an Oury Jalloh

THE MURDER OF OURY JALLOH The third door in this exhibition is that of cell number 5 in Dessau police station, in Saxony-Anhalt. Behind that door, on the morning of 7 January 2005, Oury Jalloh burned to death. Oury had been arrested on the street that morning. After being strip-searched and having his possessions taken,

Timeline “Incidents and Unknown”

The attack, which left nine people dead in two locations, lasted a little over five minutes. The police response on the night lasted more than five hours. To support the families of the victims and the Initiative 19. Februar Hanau in their pursuit of accountability, FA/Forensis produced a timeline of known events throughout the night,

Door II – Racist Terror Attack in Hanau: The Perpetrator’s House

After murdering nine people, the perpetrator fled to his house in Kesselstadt. Police only arrived around an hour later, and they did not enter the house for more than four hours. During that time, the perpetrator murdered his mother, then killed himself, foreclosing any possibility of accountability. Our investigation, presented for the first time here,

Door I – Racist Terror Attack in Hanau: The Emergency Door

The Arena Bar and Kiosk in Hanau-Kesselstadt was a regular hangout for young locals, many with migrant backgrounds. The bar and its guests had suffered years of heavy-handed policing and surveillance. Sometimes people escaped from police raids through the emergency exit. The bar and kiosk were extensively surveilled by six CCTV cameras – a level

Space dedicated to the Initiative 19. Februar Hanau

VIDEO “INVITATION” Credit: Initiative 19. Februar Hanau, Forensic Architecture/Forensis, 2022 In the days and months following the attack in Hanau, a solidarity movement grew to support the bereaved families and survivors. By May 2020, the Initiative 19. Februar Hanau had opened its social centre on Heumarkt, directly opposite the first attack site. There, four central

The void of Hanau
Documentary series by Dietrich Brants

“We need a full explanation,” demands Piter Minnemann, survivor of the right-wing terror in Hanau on 19 February 2020. A “43-year-old German”, as he is called in almost all media, murdered Ferhat Unvar, Gökhan Gültekin, Hamza Kurtović, Said Nesar Hashemi, Mercedes Kierpacz, Sedat Gürbüz, Kaloyan Velkov, Vili-Viorel Păun and Fatih Saraçoğlu for racist motives: nine

The three doors: An introduction by Forensic Architecture

This exhibition is organised around three investigations, each concerned with a door, and an incident of racist violence in Germany. Doors are physical objects but also social contracts, determining what is private and public, state and civilian. The status of each door – open or shut, locked or unlocked – shines light on the troubling

Café im Kunstverein

Café im Kunstverein The Café im Kunstverein on the ground floor of the Steinernes Haus is a gathering place in the heart of the new Old Town. It offers art lovers, Frankfurt residents and curious visitors a high-quality gastronomic experience. Coffee specialities will be served in cooperation with the Frankfurt roasting company Caffè Due Mani.

We mourn Peter Weiermair

Peter Weiermair 1944 – 2021 The former and long-time director of the Frankfurter Kunstverein died on 25 November 2021 in Innsbruck after a long illness. Peter Weiermair directed the Frankfurter Kunstverein from 1980 to 1998, during which time over 200 exhibitions were presented by him. Until the opening of the Schirn Kunsthalle, Portikus and the

Berlinde De Bruyckere

Embalmed – Twins I, 2017 Embalmed – Twins II, 2017 Wax, fabric, leather, rope, wood, iron, epoxy 197 x 158 x 615 cm; 190 x 145 x 570 cm; iron structure: 80 x 107 x 178 cm Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth Berlinde De Bruyckere’s work emerges from a desire to find images

Abel Rodríguez

El árbol de la vida y la abundancia (The Tree of Life and Abundance), 2019 Ink on paper 150 x 150 cm Bosque Vega (The Vega Forest), 2019 Ink on paper 50 x 70 cm Courtesy Spore Foundation Collection Las plantas cultivadas por la gente de centro en la Amazonia colombiana (Plants cultivated by the

Nicola Toffolini

Sezione B#01, 2013 Drawings with Copic Multiliner SP 0.03, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.25, 0.3, 0.35, 0.5, 0.7 black pens, Copic Marker, Copic Wide, Copic Sketch colors 100 Black and 110 Special Black on Fabriano Accademia Drawing Paper 200gsm 250 x 150 cm Sezione A#01, 2013 Drawing with Copic Multiliner SP 0.03, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.25,

Marshmallow Laser Feast

Treehugger: Wawona, 2017 VR experience and installation Concept by Marshmallow Laser Feast Team: Barney Steel ,Ersin Han Ersin, Robin McNicholas (direction), Mileece Ianson, Natan Sinigaglia (collaborating artists) Scientific advice by Natural History Museum, London, University of Salford, PNY, 3Dception, Macaulay Library, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca Treehugger: Wawona is commissioned by Cinekid Foundation, STRP, Southbank

Thomas Feuerstein

Hydra, 2021 Green algae (Chlorella vulgaris), plastic, steel, glass, pumping system, bioreactor made of glass, steel, pumping technology, PVC tubes, light element 110 x 110 x 495 cm; 315 x 100 x 100 cm (Bioreactor) With the kind support of Muffathalle München Green Hydra, 2021 Hydra (many-headed Hydra viridissima), glass, plastic, pump technology, refrigerator 170

Diana Scherer

Interwoven, 2021 Plantroots oats 150 x 120 cm  Hyper Rhizome #4, 2021 Plantroots oats, framed 42 x 58 cm Hyper Rhizome #6, #7, #3, #8, 2021 Plantroots oats, framed 36 x 27 cm Interwoven #8, #9, 2021 Plantroots oats, framed 33 x 58 cm Interwoven #10, #11, 2021 Plantroots oats, framed 45 x 42 cm

Pflanzensoziologisches Institut

Prepared ash tree, 1999 100 x 640 cm Courtesy Dr. Edith Zewell Prepared winter dandelion, 1997 400 x 40 cm Courtesy Dr. Roland Eberwein Drawings by Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Erwin Lichtenegger (left wall) Tanne (Abies alba), 1998, 72 x 56 cm Zuckerrübe (Beta vulgaris), 2003, 62 x 27 cm Wiesen-Schwingel (Festuca pratensis), 1969, 62 x 39

Forschungszentrum Jülich

The Frankfurter Kunstverein has invited natural scientists and artists to visually transfer their work and knowledge into the exhibition spaces. The collaboration resulted from the cooperation with Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schurr, Director of the Institute of Bio- and Geosciences: Plant Sciences and the scientists Dr. Robert Koller and Dr. Andreas Müller. How do plants live

Abstract by Natascha Strobl

Radicalised Conservatism The book and the lecture “Radicalised Conservatism – An Analysis” focus on a development of contemporary conservatism in political parties. This strand of conservatism is developing into a definable and thus new phenomenon. It occupies an intermediate stage between state-supporting post-war conservatism and the established, popular extreme right. It draws its dynamic from

Abstract by Prof. Dr. Ilse Lenz

Antifeminism and antigenderism are not just a short-term phenomenon, but are about the future of gender in the current modernisation in Europe. Ultra-religious and far-right antifeminism wants to limit or abolish freedom and self-determination in sexuality and childbearing. In combination with racism, it is particularly successful in shifting problems such as unemployment or violence onto

Abstract by Prof. Dr. Kristina Stoeckl

As part of the panel-session , the talk of Kristina Stoeckl will focus on moral conservative strategies to redefine rights pertaining to the sphere of family and education. On the basis of findings about networks between Russian Orthodox and American Christian Right grassroots organizations (NGOs), she will argue that moral conservative interactions across denominations and

Abstract by Prof. Dr. Sarah Speck

Gender and family have always been important pillars in the normative ideas of radical conservatism. In recent years, gender issues have played a major role in public debate. For conservatives and the extreme right in particular, they have been of central importance. My commentary explores the reasons for this development. In order to understand why

Abstract by Dr. Massimo Prearo

During the summer of 2013, on the occasion of the parliamentary discussion of 3 bills, respectively on the recognition of same-sex civil unions, on gender education, and the fight against homophobia and transphobia, a new group with a French name, has raised in the streets of Rome, before spreading throughout Italy: La Manif Pour Tous

Abstract by Prof. Dr. Susanna Mancini

The Instrumentalization and Undermining of Human Rights by Ultra-Conservative Movements Anti-genderism has become a key component of the agenda of populist political actors both domestically and transnationally. As an anti-modern discourse often coupled with racist and anti-Semitic ideologies, anti-genderism has proven to be capable of provoking mass political mobilization. Appropriated by populists, it has the

Abstract by Eszter Kováts

In recent years sexual and reproductive health and rights and the concept of “gender” itself have become political battlegrounds all over Europe and on EU level too. Most researchers analyze the supply side factors of the phenomenon: ideology, political and discursive strategies, alliances and funding of the mobilizing actors, be it conservative social movements or

Abstract by Prof. Dr. Elżbieta Korolczuk

What’s (anti)gender has to do with populism? The Polish case and beyond In recent years patriarchal gender norms and ideologies have become an integral part of the right-wing populist parties programs. Right-wing leaders, including Jarosław Kaczyński, Victor Orban, Jair Bolsonaro and Matteo Salvini have invested in creating their image as defenders of traditional family and

Abstract by Dr. Katharina Hajek

Although often overlooked in public discourse, gender, gender relations and sexuality play a central role in right-wing populist party politics and mobilizations. For Germany, this is particularly evident with regard to two events from recent years: on the one hand the demonstrations called ‘Demo für Alle’ (Demonstration for all) organized in several major German cities

Abstract by Judith Goetz

While topics such as sexual violence have been overused by the extreme right in recent years, many left groups neglected the same issues or reduced their analyses to exposing the extreme right rhetoric as racism. In particular, debates about ,legitimate‘ criticism of Islam or the handling of the instrumentalization of „gender politics” by the extreme

Abstract by Prof. Dr. Nancy Fraser

Our Bodies, Our Politics: Against The Ultra-Conservatives–and Their Liberal Enablers The conservative backlash against women is real and scary. But effective opposition requires a critical view of the larger political constellation that has precipitated it. In this lecture, I interpret the present anti-feminist backlash as a response to four decades of “progressive-neoliberal” hegemony–and to the

Thinking emancipation – Introduction by Prof. Dr. Rainer Forst

Social struggles for emancipation are fought not least in the space of reasons. Indeed, it is only when notions about the “nature” of people that condemn certain groups to second- or third-class status change that societies can begin to transform. Patriarchy begins to shake when the justificatory narratives that, whether religiously or otherwise based, simultaneously

Abstract by Prof. Dr. Sara Farris

The Racialisation of sexism and the sexualisation of racism In the second half of the 2000s sociologists and political scientists seeking to understand why the PVV, FN and LN began to mobilize issues of women’s rights in anti-Islam and anti-immigration campaigns resorted to theories of populism. A number of elements were noted as strikingly dissimilar

Abstract by Neil Datta

While the rise of ultra-conservatism in Europe has been apparent for several years, precisely how these actors are organising, fundraising and attempting to exert influence across national borders or issue areas has not been clear. The European Parliamentary Forum for Sexual & Reproductive Rights (EPF) has produced three reports which attempt to fill this gap

Abstract by Prof. Dr. Paul Blokker

The conservative assault on liberal-constitutional democracy The emergence of liberal democracies in Central and Eastern Europe after 1989 has been a process frequently including profound conflicts and even veritable “cultural wars” over the definition of national identity, democratic values, and human rights. The construction of constitutional democracy has remained conflictual and contested during the entire

Abstract by Prof. Dr. Thomas Biebricher

Moderate and Radical Conservatism – A Meaningful Distinction? Pinning down the specific meaning of conservatism has proven to be a daunting over the last two hundred years, not only for political theorists but also for those actors in politics who either claim or reject this label emphatically. Lately, one of the most heated debates around

We ask for your understanding!

The tour with Franziska Nori through the exhibition And This is Us 2021 – Young Art from Frankfurt will be due to illness postponed to 18 Sunday, 2 pm. Since guided tours are now possible again without pre-registering, you can drop by spontaneously. Thank you for your understanding. We would be pleased to welcome you

Gintarė Sokelytė

Selfnoid, 2021 Video and space installation Soundshower, 13:04 min Sculptures series Steel, metal, chicken wire, wire, glass wool, plaster, iron oxide, metal fibre, deep primer, acrylic, shellac, tinting concentrate Dimension variable Courtesy the artist Gintarė Sokelytė draws, paints, but is also a sculptor and filmmaker. For the expansive installation she has developed for the exhibition

Matt Welch

The Secret Millionaire Part 2 – Sense of Doubt, 2021 1-channel video- and space installation and 4-channel audio 30 min Courtesy the artist Matt Welch works in sculpture, drawing and film. His new film, trilogy Sense of Doubt, produced for the exhibition And This is Us 2021, is envisaged as the second part of the

Isabell Ratzinger

And This is the Rest, 2021 Site-specific intervention Extra Professional White chewing gum chewed and spat onto the pavement in front of the Frankfurter Kunstverein Dimension variable And This is the Rest. Die Streber oder die Strolche, 2021 Space installation Bench covered with Extra Professional White chewing gum Reflectors made of Extra Professional White aluminium

Valentina Knežević

Yurval, 2021 16:9 video; 3D-animation, 1-channel 08:35 min Direction and text: Valentina Knežević Animation: Lidija Kljakovic ( Voiceover: Nikolina Govedarica Sound: Filip Caranica Editing: Mariana Brzostowski Courtesy the artist Yurval is the title of Valentina Knežević’s work. The word Yurval is made up of the names of the first two cosmonauts Yuri Gargarin and Valentina

Faina Yunusova

#SugarMacht, 2021 Ongoing participatory digital performance and space installation Courtesy the artist Faina Yunusova is concerned with the conventions of the internet and the emergence of communities that contribute to the collective construction of digital phenomena. She identifies and uses as many as possible of the factors that in social media generate success and high

Michelle Harder

Exuvie, 2021 Space installation Topsoil, clay, branches 800 x 620 cm Courtesy the artist Michelle Harder’s work emerges at the intersection of sculpture, installation and performance. Here, clay is her central material. In a long search process, she chose six tonnes of excavated earth from the region around Limburg and had it brought to the

Agnese Galiotto

Miracoli (Miracles), 2021 Glass and wall painting 1400 x 330 cm Video, 14:40 min Courtesy the artist Agnese Galiotto is a filmmaker and painter. For the exhibition at the Frankfurter Kunstverein, she has produced a new film that traces the inner and outer world of a subject named Claudia. Claudia lives in the northern Italian

Saya Schulzen

Wölfin im Menschenfell, 2021 Milch, 2021 Sublime Submersion, 2021 Die Nähe schlummert, 2021 Weltinnenraum, 2021 Mixed media on watercolour paper (watercolour, oil colour pencils, gouache, acrylics) 78,8 x 58,3 cm Berührte Natur, 2021 Seven sculptures Burnt clay, acrylics, poppy seeds, propolis Dimension variable Courtesy the artist Saya Schulzen is an artist in the age of

Max Brück

Kreislauf, 2021 Space installation Conveyor belts, steel, archive lamps, concrete rubble from the Technisches Rathaus Frankfurt am Main Visitors are free to take a stone Dimension variable Courtesy the artist Max Brück’s work deals with the question of how collective memory is created and what material might make this visible. What remains when a city

Frankfurter Kunst Vertrieb

Magma Maria Frankfurter Kunst Vertrieb, 2021          Sales exhibition in the space of the Frankfurter Kunstverein and on eBay Kleinanzeigen online shop Courtesy all participating artists Magma Maria is the name of an artists’ collective consisting of a varying number of participants and temporarily occupying locations in Offenbach and Frankfurt. The Frankfurter Kunstverein has invited the

We are installing

The Frankfurter Kunstverein is closed at the moment. We are installing the upcoming exhibition And This is Us 2021 – Young Art from Frankfurt. We cordially invite you to the soft opening on Tuesday, June, 1, 2021, at 5- 10 pm!

Communication for our members

Annual members meeting postponed Dear members, due to the Corona Regulation of November 25, the annual members meeting 2020, to which we had invited for December 7, must be postponed. We very much regret not being able to welcome you personally at the Frankfurter Kunstverein and will inform you about a new date as soon

Forum May 2021

Two day forum Your body is a battleground  –  ultra-conservative strategies to restore a “natural order” Organizing institutions: Frankfurter Kunstverein + Normative Orders of Goethe University Frankfurt am Main Location: Frankfurter Kunstverein, Markt 44, 60311 Frankfurt (additional online access) Curator: Asia Leofreddi The Forum takes place under the patronage of the Department of Culture of

Open until March 28!

Due to the current Corona Situation, we unfortunately have to close our house again as of Monday, March 29. If you would still like to visit our current exhibition Jeremy Shaw – Phase Shifting Index, we kindly ask you to pre-register by sending an email to Please let us know your preferred date as

Overview publication:
Perception is Reality – Frankfurter Kunstverein 2015 to 2020

The perception of things starts with a sensory experience. Humans experience and understand the world through their bodies and sensory organs, coming to form their interpretation of the world through their imagination. At the Frankfurter Kunstverein art is understood as a mediator between the most diverse fields: expert knowledge and social concerns, philosophical discourses and

This Transition Will Never End (2008-2020)

Single channel video 19:23 min Courtesy the artist and KÖNIG GALERIE Berlin, London, Tokio For his exhibition at Frankfurter Kunstverein, Jeremy Shaw has realized a new version of the work This Transition Will Never End.  This video archive consists of a wide variety of appropriated footage in which a vortex, or any such tunnelling, inward-moving

Towards Universal Pattern Recognition (2019 and 2020)

Towards Universal Pattern Recognition (McGovern Park Couple), 2020 Archival photo, acrylic, chrome 95 x 65 x 25 cm framed Towards Universal Pattern Recognition (Celebration of Spirit – Jul 16 1983), 2019 Archival photo, acrylic, chrome 75,91 x 65 x 25 cm framed Towards Universal Pattern Recognition (Full Gospel March 27 1988), 2020 Archival photo, acrylic,

Phase Shifting Index (2020)

Seven channel HD video 35:19 min Courtesy the artist and KÖNIG GALERIE Berlin, London, Tokio Phase Shifting Index (2020) depicts seven autonomous groups engaged in embodied, movement-based belief systems that aspire to induce parallel realities. Employing various outmoded 20th-century media, ranging from 16mm film to Hi-8 video tape, Shaw presents what appears to be documentary


FKV_Things I Think I Want_YRD.Works_Eins zu Eins_installationview_1.jpg

Eins zu Eins (One-to-One), 2017 Wood, plasterboard, paint 12.68 x 4.65 x 3.21 m Courtesy the artists YRD.Works is an artist and designer collective comprised of Yacin Boudalfa, David Bausch and Ruben Fischer. YRD.Works create temporary spaces and short-term meeting places by constructing architectures in which the artificial and ephemeral is an essential part of

Adam Fearon

FKV_Things I Think I Want_Adam Fearon_Paravents_installationview_2.jpg

Paravents, 2017 Installation with the works Prompt, 2016 and Gyricon, 2015 flatscreens, aluminium, paper Prompt, 2016 Video, 12:56 min Gyricon, 2015 E-Book (artist publication), Kindle E-Reader and video 10 min Courtesy the artist Adam Fearon developed a site-specific spatial installation that combined the filmic works Prompt (2015) and Gyricon (2016) with sculptural structures. Fearon used

Jonas Englert

FKV_Things I Think I Want_Jonas Englert_Zoon Politikon_installationview_3.jpg

Zoon Politikon, 2014 (work in progress) 7 channel video installation each 50 min Courtesy Galerie Anita Beckers In his ongoing long-term project Zoon Politikon, a multi-channel video installation, Jonas Englert presented personalities from politics, science and art who have initiated, and helped shape the history of, social upheavals and revolutions in Frankfurt and Germany. In

Aleksandar Radan

FKV_Things I Think I Want_Aleksandar Radan_In Between Identities_installationview.jpg

Prophezeiung eines lächerlichen Avatars (Prophecy of a ridiculous avatar), 2017 Rotoscopy (3D Animation), HD Film 5 min In Between Identities, 2015 Game Modding (GTA 5), HD Film 8:50 min Courtesy the artist Aleksandar Radan describes himself as a filmmaker in search of innovative forms of filmic work. His works move between animation and documentary film,

Hannah Levy

FKV_Things I Think I Want_Hannah Levy_installationview_1.jpg

Untitled, 2015 Cast plastic Venus Embrace razor holders, silicone Dimensions variable (75 m silicone chain) Untitled, 2016 Steel, thermoplastic, silicone, plastic tub 63.50 x 111.80 x 91.40 cm Untitled, 2016 Steel, epoxy clay, acrylic, silicone, plastic tub 63.50 x 111.80 x 91.44 cm Untitled, 2016 Nickel plated steel, silicone, hand carved alabaster 182.90 x 63.50

David Schiesser

FKV_Things I Think I Want_David Schiesser_Miguletz.jpg

Icon Flex: Non-Permanent Templates, 2017 Digital print on Forex, adhesive film and wallpaper, acrylic paint Dimensions variable Courtesy the artist David Schiesser covered the façade of the Frankfurter Kunstverein with a site-specific wall installation, which he collaged with reduced graphic drawings from the art of tattooing and photographs of tattooed bodies. The work extended from

Eric van Hove
The Open Workshop

From 11 – 20 November 2016, the Atelier van Hove from Marrakesh moved into the Frankfurter Kunstverein. The artist and his team of ten highly specialised artisans and mechanics invited visitors, as well as local project groups and initiatives from the fields of craftsmanship, design and engineering to participate. Initially, Moroccan craftsmen worked at the

Eric van Hove
Mahjouba, 2016

FKV_Eric van Hove_Mahjouba1_3.jpg

Mahjouba I, 2016 Mixed media, 15 materials including Middle Atlas white cedar wood, yellow and red copper, copper-plated forged steel, recycled aluminium, nickel silver, tin, cow bone, camel bone, rubber, cowskin, batteries, plastic, magnets, resin 200 x 70 x 113 cm, 119 kg Courtesy the artist Mahjouba derives from the Arab term Mahjoub, meaning “the

Eric van Hove
VW Passat Gear Box, 2016

FKV_Eric van Hove_VW Passat Gear Box.jpg

Mixed media, 15 materials including Middle Atlas white cedar wood, walnut wood, mahogany wood, Wenge wood from Congo, pepper wood, Purple Heart wood, cow bone, nickel silver, yellow copper, recycled aluminium, recycled brass, resin, paint, wood glue, Chinese superglue 300 x 90 x 43 cm Courtesy the artist The sculpture VW Passat Gear Box is

Eric van Hove
V12 Laraki, 2013

FKV_Eric van Hove_V12 Laraki_2.jpg

Mixed Media, 53 materials including Middle Atlas white cedar wood, High Atlas red cedar wood, walnut wood, lemon wood, orange wood, Macassar ebony (dark Thuya wood), mahogany wood, Thuya wood, Moroccan beech wood, pink apricot wood, mother-of-pearl, yellow copper, nickel plated copper, red copper, forged iron, recycled aluminium, nickel silver, silver, tin, cow bone, goat

Eric van Hove
D9T (Rachel’s Tribute), 2015

FKV_Eric van Hove_D9T_2.jpg

Mixed Media, 44 materials including Middle Atlas white cedar wood, High Atlas red cedar wood, walnut wood, lemon wood, Purple Heart wood from Brazil, Wenge wood from Congo, Tatajuba wood from Suriname, orange wood, Macassar ebony (dark Thuya wood), mahogany wood, Thuya wood, Moroccan beech wood, pink apricot wood, mother-of-pearl (Japing shells) from Java, yellow

Eric van Hove
Dorigin, 2016

FKV_Eric van Hove_Dorigin_1.jpg

Mixed media, 240 materials of the original vehicle Mercedes 240 D 468 x 177 x 144 cm, ca. 1430 kg Courtesy the artist Thanks to the support of the Frankfurter Kunstverein, Eric van Hove developed the new work Dorigin for the exhibition. This was a Mercedes-Benz 240 D assembled out of component parts of ten

Body-Me: Yuri Ancarani

FKV_Yuri Ancarani_Da Vinci.jpg

DA VINCI, 2012 35mm Film, colour 5.1, Dolby Digital 25 min Courtesy the artist, Galleria Zero, Milan and Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin The lead in Yuri Ancarani’s film “Da Vinci” is a sophisticated technological surgical system named after the Italian polymath. When performing an operation with the “da Vinci Si Surgical System,” the surgeon does

Body-Me: Kate Cooper

FKV_Koerper_Ich_Cooper_installation view_RIGGED_2_mail.jpg

RIGGED, 2014 HD Videos 1:54 min and 4:28 min two digital prints on wallpaper (fleece wallpaper) Courtesy the artist and Neumeister Bar-Am, Berlin In her installation RIGGED, Kate Cooper uses CGI technology to translate the physical body into hyper real, stereotypical, female models. Her entirely constructed computer generated models of young women with flawless bodies

Body-Me: Thomas Thwaites

FKV_Koerper_Ich_Thwaites_installation view_I, GOAT_2.jpg

I, GOAT, 2015 sculpture; wood, ice skates, fabric; Video 16:05 min; 15 prints Courtesy the artist With his project “I, Goat” Thomas Thwaites alters physical reality in an attempt to escape his own human perspective and take on another way of experiencing the world. Through a process of elaborate anatomical tests and research on materials,

Body-Me: Melanie Gilligan

THE COMMON SENSE (PHASE 1), 2014-15 5-channel HD video installation, LED TVs, powder-coated steel tubes, synchronised, colour, sound Videos each 6-7 min Courtesy the artist and Galerie Max Mayer, Düsseldorf Melanie Gilligan’s video installation presents the first three episodes of her three-part sci-fi mini-series “The Common Sense.” The storyline revolves around a technology simply called

Roots – Joko Avianto

FKV_Joko Avianto_Big Trees_2015_Foto Norbert Miguletz.jpg

born 1976, lives and works in Bali und Yogyakarta (ID) BIG TREES (POHON BESAR), 2015 bamboo and concrete Courtesy the artist Joko Avianto’s “Big Trees (Pohon Besar)” is sculpture, architectural façade, and spectacle. Its scale and the artist’s choice of the simple but iconic bamboo as material underscores to global concerns pertinent to our time.

Roots – Jompet Kuswidananto

born 1976, lives and works in Bali und Yogyakarta (ID) POWER UNIT, 2015 Fabrics, mechanics, wooden sticks, lights, shoes, resin Courtesy the artist The installation “Power unit” is a kinetic work and theatrical presentation. Using motion triggered sensors. Jompet Kuswidananto encourages the audience to engage with his work, to reflect on the possibilities and processes

Roots – Tromarama

BREAK A LEG, 2015 video animation, towels, wire Courtesy the artist The idea for “Break A Leg” began with the ordinary Good Morning brand of towels. These thin disposable rectangles of cheap white cotton are mass produced in China and sold throughout Asia in packages of multiples. Hundreds of Good Morning towels are hung along

Roots – Eko Nugroho

FKV_Roots_Eko Nugroho_Installation view_NICHT POLITIK, SONDERN SCHICKSAL_2_mail.jpg

Eko Nugroho, born 1977, lives and works in Yogyakarta (ID) NICHT POLITIK, SONDERN SCHICKSAL (Non political, but destiny), 2015 site specific mural acrylic Courtesy the artist TRAVELLER, 2015 fiberglass and acrylic Courtesy ARNDT Berlin UNTITLED, 2012-2013 embroideries Courtesy ARNDT Berlin Eko Nugroho entered the Yogyakarta art scene at the beginning of Reformasi (1998-2001), or the

Mechanisms of Power – Arcangelo Sassolino
Purgatory, 2016

Oil piston, steel, wood, hydraulic system Courtesy Galleria Continua and Galerie Rolando Anselmi Held only by one steel rope, the 800 kg heavy sculpture is suspended above the ground. Two other steel ropes fix the long logs of larch wood. A hydraulic piston applies alternating pressure onto the wood. Through the almost invisible but constant

Mechanisms of Power – Arcangelo Sassolino
Afasia I, 2008

FKV_Sassolino_Afasia 1_2008_1.jpg

Steel, compressed nitrogen, glass bottles, computer, perspex, steel cage Courtesy Galleria Continua and Galerie Rolando Anselmi An empty glass bottle falls into a steel tube that resembles the barrel of a gun. For one split second, this enables the opening-mechanism of a magnetic gas-valve, which releases compressed nitrogen at the pressure of 30 bar into

Mechanisms of Power – Arcangelo Sassolino
Untitled, 2006 – 2007


Steel and hydraulic system Courtesy Galleria Continua and Galerie Rolando Anselmi Six moveable parts of a grab shovel are being triggered and controlled individually by a hydraulic system working with oil pressure. The normally seamless movements are transformed into unpredictable patterns of opening and closing. In its vain attempts to grab the stone floor, the

Flower – Video Game

2009 Developed by Thatgamecompany and designed by Jenova Chen & Nicholas Clark We thank: Sony Interactive Entertainment “Flower” is a deceleration game developed by Thatgamecompany. Released by Sony Entertainment in 2009, it was designed by Jenova Chen and Nicholas Clark for the PlayStation 3. Players slip into the role of the wind. The audio is

Julien Prévieux – Where is My (Deep) Mind?

2019 HD video, 14:59 min Supported by Fondation des Artistes and Seine-Saint-Denis Department, Lab’Bel and General Pop Courtesy the artist Julien Prévieux (*1974) explores the visualization and functionality of AI technologies, and the principles of machine learning. In the video “Where Is My (Deep) Mind?” Previeux translates invisible digital processes into human actions that are

Jaakko Pallasvuo – Soft Body Goal

2017 Video, 03:36 min Courtesy the artist Jaakko Pallasvuo (*1987) combines a variety of visual and narrative forms in his works. His work encompasses themes like reflection on what it means to undertake artistic work and examination of phenomena such as fear, sadness and belief in progress. The video work “Soft Body Goal” is a

Lauren Lee McCarthy – LAUREN

2017 Video and space installation, 03:50 min / digital prints LAUREN Testimonials: directed by David Leonard Lauren Lee McCarthy’s artistic practice is focused on social relations under the influence of surveillance, automation and algorithm-dependent lifestyles. In addition to her activity as an artist, she develops software tools for artists and teaches the necessary skills to

Jakob Kudsk Steensen – Primal Tourism

2016 Video and space installation, 22:41 min / VR-application Courtesy the artist Jakob Kudsk Steensen’s (*1987) multimedia work “Primal Tourism” offers a critical examination of the human capacity to live in constant contradiction between fantasy and reality, desire and actuality. Steensen’s working methods are exemplary of our ability to make: the world is measured and

Keiken + George Jasper Stone – Feel My Metaverse

2019 HD CGI three channel video-projection, 40:00 min / Augmented Reality Filters / Foam seating, Vinyl reflective floor Originally created for Jerwood Arts Collaborate! and also supported by Arts Council England, SECT and Finbar Mostyn-Williams Courtesy the artists Keiken and George Jasper Stone would like to thank collaborators Charlotte Oppenheim, Sakeema Crook and Linda Rocco

Fleuryfontaine – I would prefer not to

2019 Video and space installation, 19 min Produced by Le Fresnoy and supported by Palais des Paris, Takasaki (Japan), Frédéric Weigel, Yoshiko Suto Courtesy the artists Fleuryfontaine is French artist duo Galdric Fleury and Antoine Fontaine. Their work deals with the interaction between people and their environment. The question of dependency created by technology plays

Kate Crawford & Vladan Joler – Anatomy of an A.I. System

2018 Research project Courtesy the artists Kate Crawford is a professor at New York University and co-founder and co-director of the AI Now Institute, where she researches the social impact of data systems, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Vladan Joler is a professor at the Art Academy of the University of Novi Sad and founder

Elisabeth Caravella – Howto

2014 Prores video, 25:14 min Produced by Le Fresnoy and supported by Fondation d’enterprise Hermès Courtesy the artist Elisabeth Caravella (*1986) is a French filmmaker who acquired technical digital design knowledge with the help of “how to” instructions on the internet. The artist draws attention to this learning and these animation software skills in her

Tega Brain, Julian Oliver & Bengt Sjölén – Asunder

2019 Three channel video-projection, satellite imagery, CESM climate model, multi-processor computer and custom software Courtesy the artists These three artists work as a collective. Tega Brain is an artist and environmental engineer who combines art, ecology and engineering in her work. Julian Oliver works on open source projects to preserve privacy, critically investigating technologies. Oliver

Mechanisms of Power – Regina José Galindo
Third floor

FKV_Galindo_Nadie atraviesa la región sin ensuciarse_installationview.jpg

America’s Family Prison, 2008 Video, 54:49 min ArtPace, San Antonio, Texas, USA “What is fascinating about prisons is that, for once, power doesn’t hide or mask itself; it reveals itself as tyranny pursued down to the smallest details.” – Michel Foucault Rento una celda utilizada en exhibiciones dentro de la industria de prisiones privadas en

Mechanisms of Power – Regina José Galindo
First floor


Tierra / Earth, 2013 Photography, Video, 35:56 min Les Moulins, France – ¿Cómo mataban gente? –preguntó el fiscal. – Primero ordenaban al operador de la máquina, al oficial García, que cavara un hoyo. Luego los camiones llenos de gente los parqueaban frente al Pino, y uno por uno, iban pasando. No les disparaban. Muchas veces

Mechanisms of Power – Regina José Galindo

FKV_Galindo_La Verdad_installationview.jpg

La Verdad /  The Truth, 2013 Video, 70:35 min Centro de Cultura de España, Cuidad de Guatemala, Guatemala „No importa que tanto intenten callarnos.
La verdad está allí, nadie podrá silenciarla.“ Durante una hora leo testimonios de sobrevivientes del conflicto armado en Guatemala, mientras un dentista intenta silenciarme, anestesiándome la boca, una y otra vez. Guatemala

Mechanism of Power – Regina José Galindo and Arcangelo Sassolino
Ground floor

FKV_Mechanismen der Gewalt_Sassolino_Galindo_installation view_mail.jpg

The exhibition “Mechanisms of Power” begins on the ground floor with a central work by both artists: Regina José Galindo with Estoy Viva and Arcangelo Sassolino with Afasia 2. Estoy Viva (I am alive) is a quotation from one of the survivors of the mass murders of Guatemalan indigenous women. “Estoy Viva”, said one of

Trevor Paglen – The Octopus
Second Floor

Trevor Paglen: The Octopus Through his work, Trevor Paglen seeks possible metaphors for ubiquitous mass surveillance and data collection and the systems of power connected to these activities. His projects focus in particular on the infrastructure of the United States’ surveillance activities, the so-called ‘black world‘ hidden from public view. Using advanced technology and models

Trevor Paglen – The Octopus
First Floor

Trevor Paglen: The Octopus Through his work, Trevor Paglen seeks possible metaphors for ubiquitous mass surveillance and data collection and the systems of power connected to these activities. His projects focus in particular on the infrastructure of the United States’ surveillance activities, the so-called ‘black world‘ hidden from public view. Using advanced technology and models

Progress vs. Regress (2016)

FKV_Melanie Bonajo_Progress vs Regress_installationview_(3).jpg

The film Progress vs. Regress explores the influence of modern inventions on social relationships. As its point of departure, it works with the perspectives of a generation who has lived through extreme industrial, technological, and digital revolutions. The film’s protagonists speak about their experience of alienation and isolation from the whole of technophilic society, which

Progress vs. Sunsets (2017, work in progress)

FKV_Melanie Bonajo_Progress vs Sunsets_installationview_(3).jpg

In this film children reflect on their perception animals and nature. Through their narration we observer the impact that media imagery has produced in their understanding of the world and the disappearance of first-degree experience with nature and wildlife. For more than ten years, Melanie Bonajo has been working on an on-going image and video

Night Soil Trilogy

FKV_Melanie Bonajo_Night Soil#2_Economy of Love_installation view_(1).jpg

The human experience of being one with nature is a deep sensation, which lies beyond words. Making it somehow tangible has always been one of the greatest concerns of philosophy, religion, myth, and art. Poetry is able to provide a language, which makes the invisible describable and histories experienceable. Melanie Bonajo’s work, especially the experimental,


On the wall, the graphic PSILOVE shows the structure of the molecule PSILAMIN, into the atoms of which the entire literary work of Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937) is inscribed in spiral form. Slime, semi-fluids and other viscous substances are recurrent motifs in Lovecraft’s horror stories. In the installation ACCADEMIA DEI SECRETI, slime flows out of

Cooling chamber

In the cooling chamber, the visitor enters a place that challenges the reliability of sensory perception and medial imagery. Here, phenomena occur that seem to elude logical explanation. The biomass of algae and fungi that mostly consists of cellulose and glycoproteins and is a by-product of the dopamine and psilocin extraction process is arranged in


Algae and fungi grow in the greenhouse forming the ‘processual sculptures’ referred to by Feuerstein. The basic elements needed to synthesize the new molecule PSILAMIN for the exhibition are extracted from these sculptures. The green algae Chlorella vulgaris circulates in glass pipes and tubes in order to gain even exposure to light needed for photosynthesis

Laboratory Kitchen

FKV_Feuerstein_PSYCHOPROSA (Laborkueche)_2.jpg

Thomas Feuerstein uses the single-cell chlorella harvested from the MANNA-MACHINE III as painting pigment. In the monochromatic images from the HARVEST series, art and natural history overlap accordingly. An example of what Feuerstein calls ‘processual sculpture’, MRS D. and MR P. serve the dual purpose of treating the dopamine obtained from the algae and extracting


In the room entitled cinema, Feuerstein’s science fiction text FOR HE’S A JELLY GOO FELLOW has been set to music. In almost total darkness, the visitor can listen to the 100-minute audio drama. The only light source in the room is a glass sculpture, onto which a viscous, phosphorescent slime slowly drips. The audio play


Thomas Feuerstein_Schleuse

In the sculpture GATE, specially cultivated algae are filtered in order to extract the amino acid tyrosine, which is necessary for the production of dopamine. The dopamine gained from the algae is used along with the psilocyn from the fungi to synthesize the molecular sculpture PSILAMIN. The substance exhibits psychoactive properties, which is why solid

Open again!

Dear visitors, from Tuesday, May 5, you can visit the Frankfurter Kunstverein again. We have already implemented the corresponding hygiene and safety measures for you. We ask you to observe the following measures: Please keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters between each other. Please observe the sneezing and hygiene rules, a disinfectant dispenser

Holidays Opening Hours

The current exhibition “Trees of Life – Stories for a Damaged Planet” is open as follows on holidays: Tuesday, 24 December 2019, closed (Christmas) Wednesday, 25 December 2019, 11 am – 7 pm (Christmas) Thursday, 26 December 2019, 11 am – 7 pm (Christmas) Tuesday, 31 December 2019, closed (New Year’s Eve) Wednesday, 1 January

Heather Dewey-Hagborg & Chelsea E. Manning

Probably Chelsea, 2017 30 3D-prints, algorithmically generated with Manning’s DNA Dimensions variable Courtesy of the artist The work Probably Chelsea by artist and bio-hacker Heather Dewey-Hagborg came about as the result of a collaboration with the American whistle-blower Chelsea E. Manning. Manning was imprisoned from 2010 to 2017 for transmitting 40,000 classified documents about the

Patrick Tresset

FKV_2018_I am here to learn_Ausstellungsansicht_Patrick Tresset_2.jpg

Human Study #1, 3RNP, 2011-18 Robots, table Courtesy of the artist Patrick Tresset’s interactive installation Human Study #1 consists of three drawing robots. Visitors can sit as models to be visually recorded and portrayed by the three machines. Each of the three robots draws in their own style and handles the pen in a different

Greetings from Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Volker Mosbrugger
General Director Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung

A cooperation project between the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung and the Frankfurter Kunstverein – New Paths between Science and Art Never before has the experienceable world changed so quickly as it does today. The “great acceleration”—i.e., the exponentially increasing use of our resources—is a reality and distinguishes the anthropocene with all its positive and negative

Life in a drop of water

2019 Space installation Ricarda Dennen, (Komposition, Sound), Marius Jacob (CGI, Animation), Simone Rduch, Dario Robra, Martin Thul (Master-Studierende, Intermedia Design Trier) Prof. Daniel Gilgen (Installation), Marcus Haberkorn (Sound Editing) (Hochschule Trier) Kindly supported by: Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung – Stefanie Klein, Philipe Havlik A drop of water and the life of countless single-celled organisms contained

Cosmos, Meteorites and Moldavites

“Horace” Meteorite Ordinary chondrite Found: 1940 Location: Horace, Greeley County, Kansas, USA Larger fragment (SGN, meteorite collection): “Horace” achondrite, Horace, Greeley County, Kansas, USA 15 x 20 x 5 cm, 10,1 kg On loan: the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung Meteorites are rock or metal objects that fall to Earth from space. They were formed 4.5

Lynn Margulis and Stromatolites

„Symbiotic Earth – How Lynn Margulis Rocked The Boat and Started a Scientific Revolution“, 2017 a Film by: John Feldman As part of the exhibition the Frankfurter Kunstverein presents the film Symbiotic Earth, which celebrated its world premiere at the University of Oxford in 2017. Divided into 10 chapters, the film takes us through the

Trees of Life

Charles Bonnet “Scala Naturae”, 1781 The visual metaphor of the Scala Naturae (The Great Chain of Being) dates back to Aristotle (384–322 BC). He wrote the Historia Animalium, in which, based purely on observation, he classified all the animate and inanimate elements of nature into one structure. He concluded that a comprehensive classification system that

Dominique Koch

Holobiont Society, 2017 Video-, sound-, space installation, 33 min Courtesy the artist The title of Dominique Koch’s work “Holobiont Society” consists of two terms. “Holobiont” stems from biology. Coined by microbiologist Lynn Margulis in 1991, it is a technical term for the merge of a host and all its microbiological guests. Koch combines this with

Edgar Honetschläger

GoBugsGo, 2018 Videoanimation, 1:29 min C-Prints, various sizes Courtesy the artist Edgar Honetschläger (*1967) is an artist and filmmaker. In his artistic practice, he concentrates on questioning cultural givens and humankind’s relationship with nature. Influenced by personal experiences, his focus was increasingly directed at the effects of climate change and species extinction, which can no

Studio Drift

AK47 + bullet, 2019 mixed media, 130 x 274 x 268 mm M16 + bullet, 2019 mixed media, 110 x 246 x 255 mm Iphone 4S, 2019 mixed media, 42 x 113 x 80 mm Nokia 3210, 2019 mixed media, 4 x 184 x 98 mm Pencil, 2017 mixed media, 24 x 28 x 18

Sonja Bäumel

Sonja Bäumel’s work draws on a critique of so-called human exceptionalism—the privileged position of humans—and calls it into question. Her work examines the mutual relationship between the human body and the microorganisms with which it coexists. Bäumel has been exploring human skin as an interface between the individual and the outside world in her work

Catharina Szonn

Catharina Szonn’s sculptures and structures are self-contained systems that, as obsolete machines freed from their original purpose, become symbols of a requiem to the efficiency and performance of our growth utopia. At the center of her work for the Frankfurter Kunstverein is Szonn’s artistic exploration of a straw blower. In the past, the machine was

Wagehe Raufi

Wagehe Raufi’s artistic investigation is a closer examination of the interface between material presence and digital fragility. Her installations dissolve the boundaries between analog and digital space by allowing real objects to encounter their logarithmic depiction and assembling them into artificial landscapes. With her sculptures and video works she attempts to expand digital space and

Christian Leicher

Christian Leicher creates abstract canvases that are the result of complex compositions of systems and sequences. A tangible depth seems to emerge in his works through painting techniques alone, which consist of various methodical approaches. Christian Leicher superimposes reduced conditions and limitations onto his painterly practice to explore the systems and restrictions of the individual

Bertrand Flanet

At the center of Bertrand Flanet’s multimedia installations are animated films in which the viewer is drawn into complex dream worlds of figures, symbols, and metaphors. The artist creates ambiguous narratives that cast a spell over the audience through skillfully deployed cinematic devices but resist any clear interpretation. The emotional control of the viewer occupies

Hanna-Maria Hammari

Hanna-Maria Hammari’s sculptures are fantastical objects that playfully circle around our immediate reality. Her work is created by conceptually engaging with her materials and their creation processes; she makes self-referential allusions that continually refer to each other. The ceramic flames in the installation at Frankfurter Kunstverein come from a process in which clay is first

Jonas Brinker

In his newly developed work for the Frankfurter Kunstverein, Jonas Brinker follows a domesticated wolf who lives in a private household in Lower Saxony. Along with other wolves, he is trained to work in films—to react to simple commands, to stand still, and to pose. Jonas Brinker observes the behavior of domesticated creatures in this

Viviana Abelson

Viviana Abelson’s sculptures stem from the artist’s particular interest in the physical and alchemical potential of materials and their different possible combinations. Her works establish a vocabulary of forms and textures in which rubber, leather, and steel create bold connections. At the center of Viviana Abelson’s artistic practice is the exchange of bodily and physical

Max Geisler

Max Geisler’s installations are pictorial spaces made of color explosions and material collages that one can enter. Specifically created for the Frankfurter Kunstverein, the installation seems to be the result of an invisible force that, like a projectile, has flashed through the center of the architecture and blown it apart. We encounter the space as

Fito Segrera

FKV_2018_I am here to learn_Ausstellungsansicht_Fito Segrera.jpg

1 & N Chairs, 2017 Wooden chair, monitors, camera, cognitive computation engine, custom software dimensions variable Courtesy of the artist Fito Segrera’s work 1 & N Chairs consists of four elements: a wooden chair, two monitors, and a camera. The camera records the chair, zooming into certain areas and photographing a small fragment of the

Sam Falls

With his works, Sam Falls explores the position of humankind in the face of the perennial pro-cesses that structure our world. The installation “Untitled (Vivaldi’s Four Seasons for the four seasons)” (2015) is enveloped by a celestial sound that only minimally changes. For this work, Sam Falls slowed down the titular piece of music by

Lucy Dodd

Lucy Dodd connects art and life into a singular entity that aims to give meaning to things through a spiritual interpretation of our physical existence. For “Reconnecting with the World”, the artist conceived of a specific connection between a new series of paintings and the architectural properties of the Frankfurter Kunstverein. The defining element of

Hicham Berrada

Mesk-ellil, 2015 In Hicham Berrada’s work, the knowledge of science unites with the forces of poetry. The materials that make up the realities of our lives are his artistic material, whose processes and mechanisms he intensively studies through research. He uses his knowledge of the complex properties of these elements and substances to trigger their

Schulmodul FKV

Contemporary Art has always been a mirror of society and continues to reveal much both about the here and now and the history out of which the present has emerged. The Frankfurter Kunstverein’s mission is to make current and emerging artistic positions available to a broad public and to encourage active participation by inviting the


Explore the Exhibition “Body-Me: The Body in the Age of Digital Technology” with Your Smartphone The smartphone as a constant companion: always within reach to take the next picture or send the next text. One could almost think it has become part of our body, a transformation of our hand. At school, it’s considered more

Media Response to Melanie Bonajo: Single Mother Songs from the End of Nature

Melanie Bonajo_Night Soil_Eroeffnung.jpg

„Melanie Bonajo ist offenkundig daran gelegen, dass man sich wohlfühlt. Ihre Installationen […] sorgen auch dafür, dass man sich entspannt und daher Lust hat, die sehenswerten Filme auch wirklich zu Ende zu sehen. Für Kunst, die einen ernsten, kritischen Anspruch verfolgt, ist das ziemlich ungewöhnlich.“ Sandra Danicke, „Der Topfpflanze als Tisch dienen“, Frankfurter Rundschau „die

Shinseungback Kimyonghun

Flower 01-03, 2016-17 3-channel video installation, Google Cloud Vision API, custom software 7:54 min Courtesy of the artists Shinseungback Kimyonghun’s video installation Flower is based on the eponymous motif. The initial image is split up according to a polygon grid and distorted. The system then pauses to evaluate the resultant image using an image recognition

Oscar Sharp with Ross Goodwin & Benjamin

FKV_2018_I am here to learn_Ausstellungsansicht_Oscar Sharp mit Ross Goodwin & Benjamin.jpg

Sunspring, 2017 Video, 9:02 min Courtesy of the artist Sunspring is a short science fiction film by Oscar Sharp, Ross Goodwin & Benjamin. Its script is probably the first one to be written entirely by an artificial intelligence. Ross Goodwin developed a neural network with long short-term memory abilities (these are often used to analyse

Noomi Ljungdell

FKV_2018_I am here to learn_Ausstellungsansicht_Noomi Ljungdell.jpg

House, 2009 Print on wall paper 396 x 215 cm Courtesy of the artist As starting point for the work House served a photograph taken by Noomi Ljungdell. It shows a house in winter: lined with spruces, the ground is covered in snow and gravel. The artist deconstructed the image into individual elements. She then

Adam Harvey

FKV_2018_I am here to learn_Ausstellungsansicht_Adam Harvey.jpg

CV Dazzle, 2010-17 Video: Look 5 (2014), 3:23 min Prints, each 51 x 51 cm Courtesy of the artist Adam Harvey’s project CV Dazzle offers styling advice that helps one to avoid automatic recognition by various identification systems. Facial recognition algorithms are trained by being fed with thousands of images of faces whose distinguishing features

Jake Elwes

FKV_2018_I am here to learn_Ausstellungsansicht_Jake Elwes.jpg

Machine Learning Porn, 2016 Video, 12 min Courtesy of the artist Jake Elwes is presenting the video Machine learning porn, which is entirely synthetically produced by a convolutional neural network. The AI is trained by showing it thousands of images with pornographic content. The training set was taken from Yahoo and usually served to help

Dries Depoorter

FKV_2018_I am here to learn_Ausstellungsansicht_Segrera_Depoorter_Paglen.jpg

Surveillance Paparazzi, 2018 Acrylic glass box, engraved, with LED, wires and monitors 100 x 50 x 10 cm Courtesy of the artist Dries Depoorter’s Surveillance Paparazzi thematises the phenomenon of global surveillance in public space. The work taps into various surveillance cameras worldwide that record and transmit unencrypted images. It was possible to hack into

Jerry Galle

FKV_2018_I am here to learn_Ausstellungsansicht_Jerry Galle_2.jpg

The Thing That Isn’t, 2016 Electronics, software and drawings Dimensions variable Courtesy of the artist The Thing That Isn’t by Jerry Galle combines a word-processing system with a drawing robot. The work is controlled by two computers, which use electronic components to manoeuvre the drawing arm and broadcast spoken sentences out of the speakers. The

Esther Hovers

False Positives: Overview A – Timeframe: 04‘ 26”, 2015-16 False Positives: Overview H – Timeframe: 02’ 13”, 2015-16 False Positives: Overview I – Timeframe: 05’ 42”, 2015-16 C-Prints, each 130 x 97,51 cm Courtesy of the artist Esther Hovers’ work False Positives thematises the systems underlying so-called smart cameras. These cameras not only record their

Yunchul Kim

Yunchul Kim, Self_Portrait.jpg, 2003

Self_portrait.jpg, 2003 Ink on paper, 77,5 x 130 cm Courtesy of Anthony Moore The drawing Self_portrait.jpg consists of 58,806 text characters. These have been manually transferred onto fine Japanese paper with ink. The letters, numbers, and special characters (ASCII-Code) represent an image in jpg format. When the digital equivalent of these characters are read by

Gregor Kuschmirz

Schüchterne Kamera, 2007/2013 Code and electronics, external monitor A camera’s function is to record its environment while being directed at a specific target. If the camera is mobile, then it follows the target object. Gregor Kuschmirz’ Shy Camera behaves differently. It turns away, avoiding the gazes of the people around it. It uses freely available

Trevor Paglen

Adversarially Evolved Hallucination: A Man (Corpus: The Humans), 2017 Adversarially Evolved Hallucination: Porn (Corpus: The Humans), 2017 Adversarially Evolved Hallucination: Vampire (Corpus: Monsters of Capitalism), 2017 Dye-sublimation metal print each 121,9 x 152,4 cm Courtesy of the artist and Metro Pictures, New York Behold these Glorious Times!, 2017 Video projection, 10 min Courtesy of the

We’re under construction


From January 8 until February 13, 2018 we’re under construction. You are cordially invited to join us for the opening of the exhibition “I am here to learn: On Machinic Interpretations of the World” on Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 7pm.

Fito Segrera

FKV_2018_I am here to learn_Ausstellungsansicht_Fito Segrera.jpg

Die Arbeit 1 & N Chairs von Fito Segrera besteht aus vier Elementen: einem Holzstuhl, zwei Monitoren und einer Kamera. Die Kamera nimmt den Stuhl auf, zoomt in Teile und Details des Möbels hinein und fotografiert den jeweiligen Bildausschnitt. Das Bild wird über eine Internetverbindung zu einem Bilderkennungsservice von Microsoft gesendet und nach einer algorithmischen

Zach Blas & Jemima Wyman

FKV_2018_I am here to learn_Ausstellungsansicht_Blas_Wyman_1.jpg

im here to learn so :)))))), 2017 4-channel video installation 27:32 min Courtesy of the artists Zach Blas and Jemima Wyman are presenting the 4-channel video installation im here to learn so :)))))). In the installation, they reflect on the story of the chatbot Tay, a learning system from Microsoft that garnered widespread attention in

Medienecho zu „Perception is Reality“

Marnix de Nijs, "Run Motherfucker Run", 2001/2004

„Perception is Reality im Frankfurter Kunstverein […], gehört zu den anregendsten (und den Ausstellungsbegriff am energischsten erweiternden) Ausstellungen des vergangenen Jahres.“ Niklas Maak, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung „This brilliant and at times frightening exhibition offers multifaceted insight into virtual reality as praxis.“ Travis Jeppesen, Artforum „Virtualität prallt auf Realität – bisher sind es zwei Welten. Welche

Media Response to “Perception is Reality”

FKV_Perception is Reality_Ausstellungsansicht_Manuel Rossner_3.jpg

„Perception is Reality im Frankfurter Kunstverein […], gehört zu den anregendsten (und den Ausstellungsbegriff am energischsten erweiternden) Ausstellungen des vergangenen Jahres.“ Niklas Maak, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung „This brilliant and at times frightening exhibition offers multifaceted insight into virtual reality as praxis.“ Travis Jeppesen, Artforum “Virtuality meets reality – which world is going to win the

Hans Op de Beeck

THE GARDEN ROOM, 2017 Installation, mixed media 12,7 x 9 x 3 m Courtesy Studio Hans Op de Beeck “The Garden Room” is an installation by Hans Op de Beeck (*1969) especially produced for the exhibition – an immersive space that transports the viewer into a fictive parallel world by entirely analogue means. Op de

Marnix de Nijs

RUN MOTHERFUCKER RUN, 2001/2004 HD-Video Interactive installation Courtesy the artist In his works, multimedia artist and sculptor Marnix de Nijs (b. 1970) investigates the effects of interactive technologies on the viewer’s sensory and bodily perception. His work brings the human body into a direct relationship with machines by allowing the body to experience itself as

Alicja Kwade

GEGEBENENFALLS DIE WIRKLICHKEIT, 2017 Installation Stone (Rosso Royal), copper, paper 107 x 68 x 61 cm Courtesy the artist and König Galerie Alicia Kwade (b. 1979) presents the installation „Gegebenenfalls die Wirklichkeit” (‘possibly reality’) developed especially for the Frankfurter Kunstverein, which takes up the central themes of the exhibition and highlights them from a conceptual

Thomas Demand

PATIO, 2014 C-Print, Diasec 193 x 130 cm Courtesy Sprüth Magers Thomas Demand (*1964) presents the work “Patio” in the Frankfurter Kunstverein. Today, photography is free of the assumption that it undoubtedly depicts an instance of the real world. In a turn by now distinctive of Demand’s practice, photography instead presents a reconstructed reality. The

Bavarian State Police

Department Central Photo Technology and 3D Crime Scene Mapping MALE HEAD, 2014 3D-print, plaster mixture 24 x 25 x 15 cm CHEST, 2014 3D-print, plaster mixture 36 x 46 x 40 cm SKULL, 2013 3D-print, plaster mixture 16 x 22 x 16 cm WOUNDED SKIN, 2012 3D-print, plaster mixture 16 x 12 x 6 cm

Christin Marczinzik & Thi Binh Minh Nguyen

FKV_Perception is Reality_Ausstellungsansicht_Marczinzik & Nguyen_Swing.jpg

SWING, 2015 Interactive Virtual Reality installation Near to Op de Beeck’s installation, one finds the work “Swing” by Christin Marczinzik (*1988) & Thi Binh Minh Nguyen (*1987). The VR installation uses a swing as the controller. Via VR glasses, the user can experience an artificial landscape far beyond the exhibition space’s restrictive walls. The use


PLANK EXPERIENCE, 2016 Simulation game The virtual reality game “Plank Experience” by Toast takes the mind/body split to the extreme. Using VR glasses, exhibition visitors once again find themselves in a big city. This time they enter a virtual elevator whose door opens onto a skyline 160 meters up. This is where the parallelism begins.

Manuel Roßner

WETWARE, 2017 Installation / VR-application, LED panel, spotlights, paint Courtesy the artist In his work “Wetware”, Manuel Roßner (*1989) has digitally recreated the architecture of the Frankfurter Kunstverein. Countless photographs of the interior and exterior gave Roßner the raw data for his illusionistically constructed virtual environment. With the help of VR glasses, the visitor enters

David OReilly

EVERYTHING, 2016 Simulation game EVERYTHING Trailer / Original voice by Allan Watts 10.45 Minutes The artist and game developer David OReilly (*1985) presents the work “Everything”. Here, viewers take a journey without a fixed course through a boundless world. Far from making any claims to realism, it offers us a poetic, philosophical, and holistic view

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On occasion of the exhibition “Regina José Galindo. Mechanisms of Power” an artists edition is released. The “Secreto de Estado” has been shown at the opening of the exhibition on February 18, 2016 at Frankfurter Kunstverein. Now a photogrpahy of this performance is available at Frankfurter Kunstverein. In her performance ”Secreto de Estado“ (State Secret),

Press Response to “Mechanisms of Power. Regina José Galindo/Arcangelo Sassolino”


“An exhibition couldn’t be more current. The visitor is confronted with an uncomfortable reality, namely a power, which doesn’t end according to “Tatort” or Swedish crime fiction, but which endures globally and claims victims. The show captivates because of its compressed and intense statements. And it stirs you up. It is quite the opposite of

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Media Responses to “Body-Me: The Body in the Age of Digital Technology”

FKV_Thomas Thwaites und Kate Cooper.jpg

“Prosthetic God, as Sigmund Freud called the man who tries to overcome his physical and mental shortcomings with the help of technology. And who can not get happy about it. The exhibition at Frankfurter Kunstverein shows what the new misfortune of the optimized body might look like. Fascinating images that present themselves with great ease.

Media Responses to “Roots. Indonesian Contemporary Art”

FKV_Roots_Eko Nugroho_Installation view_NICHT POLITIK, SONDERN SCHICKSAL_Traveller, 2015_mail.jpg

“The Book Fair has taken over the whole city. Like this, an artist from Indonesia, the Guest of Honour country of the Book Fair 2015 […], has built a bamboo sculpture on the facade of the Frankfurter Kunstverein and even inside the Kunstverein one can discover the guest country. You can see contemporary art from


The Frankfurter Kunstverein offers exclusively for its members a wide range of yearly editions for sale at below-market prices. The editions and unique works are by artists who has exhibited at the Frankfurter Kunstverein and they are limited exclusively to members. Non-members can purchase the editions while becoming a member at the same time. A

The Catalogue for “Roots” is Here!

Cover_Roots. Indonesian Contemporary Art

The catalogue for the exhibition “Roots. Indonesian Contemporary Art“ is now on sale at the Frankfurter Kunstverein! The publication contains texts by Franziska Nori (director Frankfurter Kunstverein), Goenawan Mohamad (chairman of the National Committee for Indonesia as Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015), Asikin Hasan (Curator at the National Gallery of Indonesia

BEN young talents Award 2015 of B3 Biennial goes to Kate Cooper


Last night Franziska Nori gratefully received the BEN Nachwuchspreis 2015 of the B3 Biennial of the Moving Image for Kate Cooper. Coopers Installation “RIGGED”, in which the artist creates hyperrealistic female bodies using CGI technology, will be on view until January 10, 2015 as part of the exhibition “Body-Me. The Body in the Age of

On Ghosts and Spirits

Foto_(c) Sven Johne_Schulstudio (2).jpg

– A Workshop on the Supernatural of Past and Present Ghosts occupy a space in limbo between life and death, past and present, good and evil. They are at once mediums, illusions, messengers of doom, frightful figures, bringers of fortune, bearers of hope and apparitions. They appear as figures of our imagination and our primal

Media Responses to “Trevor Paglen: The Octopus”

FKV_T. Paglen_Autonomy Cube (Detail) 2_Kachel.jpg

“Trevor Paglen makes visible what should remain invisible at NSA’s will. The Frankfurter Kunstverein presents his latest work. […] The Paglen retrospective […] delivers a very good argument for why a city needs a Kunstverein alongside its great museums.” [„Trevor Paglen macht sichtbar, was nach Willen der NSA unsichtbar bleiben soll. Der Frankfurter Kunstverein zeigt

Media Responses to “Thomas Feuerstein: PSYCHOPROSA”


“By leaving his works’ shapes to the Psilamin, Feuerstein radically questions the classic notion of authorship.” [„Indem er dem Psilamin die Gestaltung seiner Kunst überlässt, stellt Feuerstein das klassische Konzept der Autorschaft radikal infrage.“] Julian Gutberlet, Die Welt Kompakt, 29.05.2015 “Thomas Feuerstein’s work is a lush and elaborate comment on a present, for which the

Preparation of the upcoming exhibitions

Kachelbild_FKV_Joko Avianto_Aufbau_The Lost Vegetation_2012.jpg

Until Friday, September 25, 2015 the upcoming exhibitions “Roots. Indonesian Contemporary Art” and “Body-Me: The Body in the Digital Age” will be set up. Stop by and keep track on the spectaculous installation of Joko Avianto’s bamboo sculpture along the façade of Steinernes Haus which will be installed within this time. The opening of the