Artist Talk: Aleksandar Radan


Aleksandar Radan (*1988) is represented with two video works. For his film In Between Identities (2016) the artist manipulates and modifies the video game GTA 5. Radan augments subsidiary narratives, digital landscapes and characters within the game. He frees the viewer from the role of the rapidly operating player and turns him into a voyeur, spying on the physical existence of the figures, who flaunt their digital bodies. Prophecy of a Ridiculous Avatar (2017) is created specifically for this exhibition. With minimal sketch lines Radan creates short stop-motion sequences: indicated scenes, drawn from the context of private self-display on the Internet, show bodies in limbo.

In the artist talk, the audience can get into conversation with the artist about his works and artistic practice. The event is part of the accompanying programme of the exhibition “Things I Think I Want – Six Positions of Contemporary Art.”

Fee: 4€