Things I Think I Want. Six Positions of Contemporary Art

10.03.2017 — 07.05.2017

Opening: Thursday, March 9, 2017 at 7 pm
Curators: Franziska Nori und Christiane Cuticchio
Participating artists: David Schiesser, Hannah Levy, Aleksandar Radan, Jonas Englert, Adam Fearon, YRD.Works

Things I Think I Want – What do aspiring artists want today?

The exhibition presented six positions, six artists who began their career in the Frankfurt area and are now internationally established. A separate exhibition space was dedicated to each position, where the artists were invited to spatially implement and put forward their individual approach.

What challenges do young artists face today? How do they deal with reality, and the potential of their own actions, in a time of image overload? These artists live in the analogue and digital world at the same time.

They draw from a constantly growing pool of technical possibilities and visual worlds, from tools and materials they have learned to move and work with. The real has liquefied and the assertion of one’s own position appears progressively complex.

A concept of individuality is subordinate. It gives way to a procedure of rearrangement. Everything becomes material, everything is available to assert visual worlds, which in turn are changed. The assertion becomes secondary, the search becomes practice. The positions presented at the Frankfurter Kunstverein were chosen for their conceptual and formal originality and artistic independence. The positions purported themselves and allowed for a complexity of reading and interpretation. They were firmly rooted in art history, from which they set out to explore the multitude of possible options for the world and struggled to come to terms with them. The show was the first in a new series of exhibitions, which has been created thanks to the continued support of Dr. Marschner Foundation. It has been conceived by Frankfurter Kunstverein as a biennial format dedicated to young artists who completed their art education in Frankfurt. For this first edition Franziska Nori invited Christiane Cuticchio as co-curator.

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