Artist Talk with Mario Asef


The videos, fotografies, sound installations and interventions in the public space by Mario Asef approach architectonic as well as socio-politic investigations and translate them into space installations. In a subversive and humorous way, he manages to breach the rules of everyday life, exploring the construct of public spaces and public life. During his stay within the Deutsche Börse Residency Program Mario Asef has made three new works basing on the background of the Frankfurter Börse: “Frankfurter Mücken” – a collection of different types of insects, “Ariadnefaden” – an intervention, which happened in the public space on a weekly basis during his stay in Frankfurt and the film “Börsianer” which deals with the clinic cold of decisions made in the stock market presumed without any influence by humans. Mario Asef contrasts this very close realistic presentation with the impacts and live circumstances resulting for the inhabitants of the city.

Mario Asef was born in 1971 in Córdoba, Argentina, after an apprenticeship as grafic designer, he studied at the University for Architecture and Urban Development Córdoba. From 1998 until 2000 he studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe afterwards at the UdK Berlin (until 2004). 2003 he stayed in London for a study visit at Chelsea College of Art and Design.