Artist talk with Paule Hammer


The paintings of Paule Hammer are pervaded by a maze of short stories, philosophical argumentation and condensed everday observations, dreams and thoughts. Hammer allows these textual narratives and considerations to flow in excessive, picturesque and sculptural labyrinths of contexts and references which became a large-scale installation in the hall of the Frankfurter Kunstverein. Around a central stepped pyramid the artist arranged his large-sized paintings, some combined with sculptures and illustrated the installtion with wall paintings. The title of the installation was written in giant letters on the wall: „Weltenzyklopädie III“. Paule Hammer created his own world and on January 13 he invited you to visit it, to got to know his stories and to talk about his work.

The artist Paule Hammer (born in 1975) lives and works in Leipzig. From 1997 to 2002 he studied at the Academy of Art and Design in Leipzig and finished with the Meisterschüler by Sighard Gille in 2004.