Book presentation „Klaus Traube: Child Survivor. Atommanager. Umschalter. Bon vivant“

07.12.2023, 18:00

Klaus Traube: Child Survivor. Atommanager. Umschalter. Bon vivant is the life story of an impressive figure in the contemporary history of this country, told through personal accounts. Klaus Traube lived through the political and social events of recent German history: the Nazi era, persecution of Jews, post-war period, student movement, and Germany’s energy policy.

Klaus Traube was a person of the arts and a life artist at the same time. As a scientist, he earned a doctorate in thermodynamics. With the Federal Republic’s entry into the civilian use of nuclear energy, he rose to become the leading manager of the nuclear industry. In the mid-1970s, he became the target of surveillance by the domestic intelligence service, suspected of having ties to the Red Army Faction, which turned out to be untrue. The illegal state wiretapping was exposed by Der Spiegel, leading to a government crisis and the resignation of the Federal Interior Minister.

From the 1980s onwards, Traube shifted to advocating for renewable energy sources. He became a public advocate for the anti-nuclear policy movement, published numerous reports and scientific articles, and became the energy policy spokesperson for the BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany).

Guiding you through the evening are Cornelia-Katrin von Plottnitz (editor of the book) and Bernd Messinger will accompany you through the evening. With Alexander Brill (Director, Frankfurt), Paul Leo Giani (Judge at the State Court / State Secretary under Holger Börner), Michael Sailer (Nuclear expert), Dr Thomas Kluge (Environmental researcher), Antje Runge (Mayor of Oberursel), Rosemarie Heilig (Head of the Environmental Department), Sarah Grunert (Schauspiel Frankfurt).

Johannes Meier (actor, Berlin) will read from the publication.

Admission is free. No registration is required. Please note that the event will take place in German.