Drawing in Virtual Space


with Katharina Hantke (artist, HfG Offenbach) and Manfred Stumpf (Professor of Conceptual Drawing, HfG Offenbach).

Initially, Manfred Stumpf explains the line, how it is defined and coordinated within three-dimensional spaces and how drawing in virtual spaces will come to prove itself. Katharina Hantke then elucidates the technical background and functions of the VR glasses by means of the Google programme “Tilt Brush”. After this introduction, participants may enter the virtual space, so as to get a feel for the 3D-drawing. 2D sketches are made, which are then converted into the virtual form.

– Introduction to the concept of line drawings
– What is “Tilt Brush”?
– VR glasses and their functions
– What has been achieved with “Tilt Brush”/ Viewing “Tilt Brush” artworks (by Katharina Hantke and others)
– Brainstorming for your own application / How does a 2D-drawing get into three-dimensional space?
– 3D-drawings on the computer

Course fee: 20 € / 15 € for members

Please register under: post@fkv.de

The course will be held in German.