Galerie Fruchtig 1995-2002, a presentation by the curator Annette Gloser


At the beginning of the 1990s a new form of making exhibitions was initiated by the mixing of fine arts with new tendencies from different parts of everday and pop culture, science, literature, garden culture, film and even motorsport – like for example the Dragster Burn- out with the New Yorker artist Max Frazee. Since, this has continued also in big institutions. Galerie Fruchtig was Frankfurts first example of how art is accessibel to a broad public and how underground has changed todays culture scene.

Under the motto “Together into the Future”, the Frankfurter Kunstverein invited six art spaces from Frankfurt and the local region to develop individual and common perspectives for art in Frankfurt. A series initiated by Frankfurter Kunstverein and Anja Czioska, artist and curator.