Opening: “Perception is Reality: On the Construction of Reality and Virtual Worlds“


We cordially invite you and your friends to the opening at Frankfurter Kunstverein.

The invited artists investigate the conditions of human perception in relation to technically constructed realities. The point of departure is a selection of art works, analogue and digital, as well as virtual reality applications drawn from the fields of contemporary art and the sciences. The spatial juxtaposition of the works functions as a thought experiment about the intellectual, emotional and aesthetic effects of artificial images.
“Perception is Reality” examines which conditions structure virtual reality and how these conditions influence individuals, their perceptions, their ideas of the world, and consequently society as a whole. Another central topic to be addressed in the exhibition at Frankfurter Kunstverein is the significance of Virtual Reality technology for identity formation and human psychological development.

Participating artists:
Thomas Demand, Alicja Kwade, Marnix de Nijs, Hans Op de Beeck, David OReilly, Manuel Roßner, Bayerisches Landeskriminalamt, Christin Marczinzik & Thi Binh Minh Nguyen, Toast

Speaking at the opening:
Dr. Ina Hartwig (Kulturdezernentin Frankfurt am Main), Dr. Helmut Müller (Geschäftsführer Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain), Robert Heimberger (Päsident Bayerisches Landeskriminalamt), Franziska Nori (Direktorin Frankfurter Kunstverein)

We are looking forward to seeing you!