The Long Night of the Protest Song


*with: Jens Friebe, Christiane Rösinger, Andreas Spechtl, Peter Siller, Thomas Meinecke, Eva Jantschitsch, Moderation: Jan Deck, Klaus Walter*

Music has always been considered an important medium in the struggle for cultural hegemony within the political discourse. But what constitutes political music today? On the “Long Night of the Protest Song“, Jens Friebe, Christiane Rösinger (Britta / Lassie Singers), Andreas Spechtl (Ja Panik), Peter Siller and Thomas Meinecke talked about music and politics, theory and practise, artistic strategies and social move-ments and will make music. The discussionhas been interspersed with musical performances and enhanced by videos and sounds presented by moderators Klaus Walter and Jan Deck.

The event is part of the “Office of Upheaval Mastery“.