This “UNTER UNS” was dedicated to the milestones and landmarks, the highs and lows of the Frankfurter Kunstverein since its move to the Steinernes Haus in 1962. The end of 2012 has marked the fiftieth anniversary of this move, and the FKV is showed a special exhibition on this occasion.

The new event format “UNTER UNS” was conceived as an ongoing series of roundtables. Also the second “UNTER UNS” was open only to interested members, and this event was perhaps a special invitation to those who can look back on a long association with the Kunstverein. This informal, after-work gathering with snack and drinks is intended to encourage an exchange about the future perspectives, opportunities, and challenges facing the Frankfurter Kunstverein and to intensify communication between the institution and its members.

For FKV members only