Value Added Art


*An event in cooperation with 26th Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival 2009*

The more often the value of art works is speculated about, the more passionately artists tell their little secrets. All the films of the program make art out of the circumstances under which they were distributed and came into being – sexy or boring, grotesque or sarcastic, paradox or poetic. There is going to be reshuffle in the game of reality and fiction. Hardly ever before we have seen those petrified life stylists looking at the flawless gallery walls, discovering the hard business of differentiating art and non-art at the bottom of social hierachies and experiencing the change of sexual attraction between model and painter. (Text by Ursula Pauhans-Bühler)

In the frame of the exhibition “Notions of the artist” (Bilder vom Künstler) the Frankfurter Kunstverein has shown in cooperation with the 26th Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival 2009 a short film program consisting of ten short films which deals with the relationship between artist-curator, the value of an artwork or with the insititution art academy.

Screening program:
“And the ship goes” by Verena Seibt and Clea Stracke, “Free Time” by Petra Lottje, “Notebook” by Evelien Lohbeck, “Jeffery and the Dinosaurs” by Christoph Steger, “psst pp Piano – Hommage to Mary Bauermeister” by Gregor Zootzky, “Naked Men” by Ora Ruven, “Moyth” by Jenny Holt, “Sorry Curator” by Annette Hollywood, “Ivo Burokovic – The Life of the Fake Artist as a Young Business Model” by Paul Wiersbinski, “The Good Life (A Guided Tour)” by Ronny Heiremanns and Katleen Vermeir.