Zombie Night: Night of the Living Dead


Night of the Museums at Frankfurter Kunstverein

Through films, novels, and new reports, corpses and the undead have an increasing presence in our daily lives, although dealing with a real corpse is difficult. The exhibition “Death is Your Body” (May 1 – July 6, 2014), which was on view during the annual Museum Night at the Frankfurt Kunstverein, showed the works of 14 international artists who use the imaginary or real dead body as material. A horror film became reality, when suddenly an undead shuffled through the exhibition. In a make-up workshop, you could see how to create an impressive zombie with blood, gaping wounds, and terrible masks. The Cafébar im Kunstverein invited guests to linger and correspondingly serves classic Bloody Marys. Art educators were available to visitors throughout the evening. They were identifiable by their T-shirts, which were printed with the word “Questions?”

Evening Program:
7 pm – 1 am: “Questions?” – Art educators answer viewers questions about the exhibition.

7 pm – 2 am: Zombie Night — The Night of the Living Dead

9 – 11 pm: Make-up Workshop “Zombie Make-up”

7 pm – 2 am: The Cafébar im Kunstverein offers music, light dining, and an excellent selection of drinks. The specials: Bloody Mary and Virgin Mary

Entry (ticket valid for all participating museums): 14 €
Tickets were available at all participating museums or at AD Ticket