Cerith Wyn Evans

31.03.2004 — 23.05.2004

Cerith Wyn Evans ReverseInverse300_Übersicht.jpg Cerith Wyn Evans SlowFade300.jpg Cerith Wyn Evans Moebius300.jpg Cerith Wyn Evans slow+reverse.jpg Cerith Wyn Evans LookAt1300.jpgOpening: March 30, 2004, 7.30 pm

Under the title “Cerith Wyn Evans”, the London-based Welsh artist exhibited sculptural installations, film projections, neon and wall texts, as well as Morse code and sound works from the years 1994 until now. Text and translation are integral parts of these works, in which quotations and references create multilayered visual appearances. “The idea of making objects in a rarefied atmosphere is something that I’m stimulated by a notion of encryption, of actually making someone aware that the invisible is also perceivable…” (Cerith Wyn Evans)

Accompanying the exhibition Lukas & Sternberg has published a catalogue featuring images and texts by Manfred Hermes, Juliane Rebentisch, Andreas Spiegl and Jan Verwoert.