Jacopo Godani & Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company: Framing Reality

28.09.2018 — 30.09.2018

Dance Performance: Friday, 28th of September and Saturday, 29th of September 2018

On the two evenings of the Altstadtfest, the Frankfurter Kunstverein building will become a transparent and lively art installation.

On Friday September 28, the performance „Framing Reality“ will celebrate its premier, presented by the Frankfurter Kunstverein in collaboration with the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company under the direction of Jacopo Godani. At dusk, the Kunstverein’s windows will serve as a venue for dance interventions, combined with a dramatic light show. The building’s austere, modernist architecture with its rectangular glass facade becomes an oversized light box and a unique stage that radiates into the new streets of the Dom-Römer neighborhood.

Seventeen dancers create tableaux vivants—living images. Directly behind the window facade, a sequence of movements unfolds in connection to a spectacular lighting concept, forming a high point of the evening event in the Altstadt. Human bodies, light, color, and movement are woven into a rousing performance that expresses Godani and the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company’s precise choreographic vernacular. The rhythm of the sixty minute performance is structured through a sequence of lights and electronic music specially programmed for the piece. Godani modifies the transparency of the window facade with semi-transparent materials that make the dancers’ bodies fluctuate between sharply defined and abstracted forms. The museum context is Godani’s starting point for reinterpreting the dance-like choreographies into two-dimensional figures, allowing them to be seen as taking place within a framed composition and thus drawing moving pictures of flowing abstraction.

We would like to thank the Tourismus & Congress GmbH for the realization of the dance performance.

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